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Test Blend 350 (former Sustanon 350) Dragon Pharma INTL

Test Blend 350 (former Sustanon 350) Dragon Pharma INTL

Test Blend 350 (former Sustanon 350) Dragon Pharma INTL

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
Raw Material : Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate
Product Pack : 10 mL vial (350 mg/mL)

Manufactured by Dragon Pharma, the Test blend is a mix of Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, and Testosterone Propionate. It is available in a 10ml vial, and 350mg packaging with an international delivery service. This package includes a blend of three esters of testosterone, and its individual esters have been proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of various diseases and deficiencies related to hormone therapy. It has also been prescribed to deal with issues related to testosterone deficiency in males. Moreover, it is prescribed to transgenders, breast cancer patients, males suffering from hypogonadism, etc. Professional bodybuilders and athletes usually make a combination of these testosterone esters on their own. This blend is known to amplify the effectiveness of the steroid cycle by improving overall physical strength and enhancing performance. This steroid should be taken intramuscularly and administered by an expert or an experienced user who knows how to hygienically administer injectables.


The combination of these esters is known to provide the benefits of all three combined and is perfect to be used while preparing for a contest. Test blend is perfect for bulking cycles. listed below are the benefits of this blend:

  • Fat Burn

  • Protein synthesis

  • Enhances muscle growth

  • Performance enhancement 

  • Increased strength and stamina

  • Quick recovery time.


The recommended dosage for beginners is 150-200mg per week. Depending on the effectiveness and tolerance of the drug, the user can increase their dosage, gradually. Furthermore, experienced individuals who already have been on testosterone before, are recommended to take at least 350mg per week. They can increase their dosage to a maximum of 400mg per week but it is also strictly advised to get the blood work done while increasing the dose. It is absolutely necessary to start a post-cycle therapy right after the cycle ends in order to avoid any side effects.

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