Over the years, steroids are being used for medical and non-medical purposes. Even if they are regulated around the market for medical use only, they are easily available on the black market for non-medical needs. Anabolic steroids help repairs muscle tissue and stimulate muscle growth as they are synthetic hormones, imitating the male sex hormone called testosterone. Health-care professionals and doctors have been working day and night to develop a cure for cancer but for now, they are running with a series of treatment which includes anabolic steroids. They are also being used to treat muscle loss, in diseases like AIDs, regulates the hormones in delayed puberty and used in sex-therapy for transgenders.

At this point, steroids are now more essential then they were 20 years ago and in future, their usage will be more apparent as they prove detrimental for various treatments. A type of steroid has been discovered to be able to treat critical Covid-19 patients, at a time when there is no cure or vaccine. With that being said, anabolic steroids are a huge category of drugs which are being used for multiple, yet specific, purposes. For instance, bodybuilders are using steroids to enhance their performance and improve their physical appearance to be able to lift as much weight as possible and increase their chances for strengthening their professional profile.

Many bodybuilders have successfully pulled out healthy benefits out of their steroid cycles under an expert’s supervision. Without proper administration, it can become quite risky and difficult to manage your steroid consumption and you can end up hurting yourself. That is why, steroids are marketed with a lot of terms and conditions and you can barely get your hands on them but UGFreak is one of the most reliable suppliers of injectable steroids and oral steroids, that will cater to your unique requirements. 


While steroids are being used to treat cancer or build lean muscle mass in bodybuilders, it also helps in improving the sexual health as well as burn stubborn body fat. Burning fat is essential for the muscle to develop in replacement because muscle will only develop efficiently, if the athlete maintains a 10% or less body fat. These are the basic impacts of steroids depending on the usage. 

Despite that, there are cases where steroids tend to react unexpectedly under careless circumstances which will eventually lead to unsuitable situations. There is no guarantee to such risk because they are apparent in highly administered dosages. So, to say that black market steroids are unsafe, is absolutely incorrect. Every individual is unique and shall have a unique reaction to steroids and that is why an extensive observation of different factors must be taken under consideration before starting any steroid cycle.

Pros And Cons Of Steroids

We hear about many pros and cons regarding steroids, mostly cons, but the high chances of its pros tend to weigh-in on the cons and that is why they are still being used by a large number of people. To help it break it down for you to understand, lets list down a list of pros and cons of steroids.




Muscle Building

Heart Diseases

Muscle Recovery


Increased Protein Synthesis

Enlarged Breast Tissue In Males

Decreased Protein Breakdown

Roid Rage

Differentiation Of Fat Stem Cells

Depression And Anxiety

Increasing Muscle Size

Low Libido

Increase Muscle Strength And Performance

Shrunken Testicles

Protecting Muscle Fiber

Virilization In Females

Decreased Body Fat

Liver Damage

More Oxygen For Muscles

Erectile Dysfunction


The above listed pros and cons can vary from person to person. These are the general goods and the bads that comes with steroids. You cannot expect to take steroids and fall victim to all the side effects because if you are not being careful and consulting an expert for your dosages, then you will face certain side effects based on your unique body.


Same is the case with the benefits of steroids, based on your unique body, the steroids will cater to your unique needs. That is why, consulting an expert is always fruitful and essential to determine your needs for muscle building and burning fat.

How Steroids React With The Body

Furthermore, we will enlighten you with a literal understanding of how the steroids will engage with your body.  Usually, when an athlete takes steroids, the first expectation is that it will make them bulked up instantaneously. However, that is true but to a certain degree.

When the steroids are introduced into the bloodstream, it has an instant effect on the genes and changes their expression. They can easily enter the cells and bind to the androgen receptor which helps them move into the nucleus and attach itself to the DNA. That will lead to production of hundreds of genes whose function would be to increase protein synthesis while simultaneously slowing down protein breakdown.

If the levels of protein synthesis are higher than protein breakdown, then it will initiate muscle growth faster than usual. That’s why steroids prove to be beneficial for a pro athlete who is looking for a way to get a ripped body before a competition.

Other than that, small steroid cycles will be more fruitful for pro bodybuilders during their usual training sessions.

Dependency on steroids can be dire, that’s why relying on your own training and hard work will help you achieve all your goals.

Now that you have an understanding of how the steroids are working inside your body, you will further be able to work on your own ability to improve your training habits as a bodybuilder or athlete. The more you know, the better will be your judgement when it comes to starting your own steroid cycle.

Make sure to be always surrounded by an environment of experienced, pro-level athletes and expert coaches who know what they are doing. There is no place for doubts when starting your steroid cycle.

How To Take Steroids

Many athletes, mostly pro bodybuilders, are confident with self-administration of steroids and can work on their physique themselves. Despite that, when an athlete starts their steroid cycle, they need to consult with an expert. Without any expert supervision, there are chances you can end up mismanaging your cycle and lose all your progress in the meantime. To risk everything, you have worked so very hard for, is not worth it. Therefore, speak with a coach and ask for clear cut guidelines as per your unique body and its specific needs.

For instance, if you have adequate muscles on your upper body than your lower body, then most of your training will focus more towards building muscles for lower region. It is like contributing days to different parts of body during your training time period, for example, glutes and hamstrings day, shoulder and traps day, chest and abs day, forearms and biceps day, and quads and calves day.

Depending on their natural body and how they plan to build muscle around their physique, they can schedule a routine for their training. Once their body is running towards increasing protein synthesis with the help of a protein centered diet plan, they can build muscles mass naturally.

However, if they start a steroid cycle, they will be able to fasten the muscle building process at a much incredible pace. So, in order to begin your steroid cycle, follow up on the following check list that we have compiled. It can be improvised based on your better understanding, however, it will help you to start analyzing the specific needs of your unique body when you start taking steroids and it is the best way to take steroids.

Quick pointers on how to take steroids:

  • Consult your coach or an expert.

  • Get your blood culture done.

  • Have a strict workout routine and diet plan.

  • Cross out any indications of serious health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholic addiction, depression and cancer etc.

  • Devise a detailed plan on which and what type of steroids you are going to take and for what requirement.

  • Decide whether you want injectable steroids or oral steroids.

  • Plan your Post cycle therapy before you start your steroid cycle.

  • Start with a small dosage if you are a beginner. Gradually increase the dosage over the years as you become a pro bodybuilder.

To avoid any side effects, PCT is absolutely essential. This therapy will help restore the natural balance of hormones in the body while keeping the gains intact in their place.

Under any circumstances, do not compromise on the PCT because it is as much a part of your steroid cycles as the steroids themselves. Unless you cannot afford PCT drugs, then you do not need to continue with your steroid cycle at all.

Despite that, if you start your cycle, do not increase the dosage and keep your cycle short. If the side effects show up, you will be responsible for them. That’s why it is always better to take precautions than to regret it later.

There are a number of PCT drugs available in the market but at UFG you can find best of quality PCT drugs such as Nolvadex. If you devise a plan under the supervision of an expert, you will be able to extract maximum gains during your cycle.

Evaluate Your Need for Steroids

Not every bodybuilder needs steroids. Many would give away their lives towards training and building muscle mass while there are those who fail to build muscle despite the hardcore training. Every individual’s genetics play an important role in building a ripped physique.

If you have good genetics, then chances are that you might be able to build muscle and burn fat at a much faster pace than those who have bad genetics. Good and bad genetics does not mean that you have disorder of some type, rather your genetics have a direct link with your parents and grandparents.

For instance, if your parents were active sports enthusiasts or even bodybuilders, chances are that your genetics are familiar with the pattern of protein synthesis and burning fat. While those, whose parents or grandparents have been living a sedentary or a moderately active lifestyle, their genetics would not be in favorable conditions with their athletic lifestyle because of their parents or grandparents.

With that knowing, you will be able to understand your limitations while evaluating your needs for steroids.

There always comes a point in an athlete’s training that their muscles stop growing and they hit a point of physical limitation. That’s when steroids can help them gain that last push to absolutely define their gains and burn off any excess fat. So, if you have hit a point where your muscles are not improving, then you can give yourself steroids under an expert’s supervision.

Do not take steroids for the sake of everyone taking them because that’s when you will make a mistake which you will regret for all of your life. They are amateurs who are taking steroids carelessly and they end up destroying their lives while you need to make pro decisions to achieve your goals in the long run. As said before, there is no place for doubts and regrets when it comes to taking steroids, therefore, be absolutely sure and careful.

Naturally developed muscle mass will last you longer and it will be sustainable when you take steroids to enhance your performance and overall strength. At that point your goal would be to achieve a boost of energy to perform better rather than expect steroids to increase the mass in your muscles.

That way, you are altogether avoiding the risk of stacking up on tons of steroids and putting your life at risk. After all excess of anything is bad. So, taking a moderate dosage during a standard steroid cycle will help you more towards your progress and shall help you perform better during the competitions. That should be your only goal and stay focused ahead of your path because the drug culture in the bodybuilding community is influencing every other athlete in the most harmful ways possible. Even though steroids are not addictive, but the anticipation of the results is addictive.

Having a ripped physique; 10% less body fat with a lean muscle mass and a strength like that of a beast, is what drives them towards overdosing on steroids which is life threatening. So, being aware of the good and the bad is essential for you to be successful while you are taking steroids because anything can happen if you are not focused and vigilant.


How long is it safe to use steroids?

Steroids are safe to use for 2-3 weeks only. Their prolonged usage or multiple courses can badly damage your physical as well as mental health.  However, some steroids are safe to use for more than 6 weeks depending on their half-life, potential, and cycle length. 

Are steroids helpful or harmful?

Steroids are helpful in both the medical and bodybuilding fields. From treating various disorders to fasten the recovery or healing process, streamlining the bodybuilding journey to improved overall performance, and better reproductive system to enhance stamina it is helpful to users in many ways. 

Why are steroids used by bodybuilders?

Steroids are synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring hormones such as Testosterone, DHT, and HGH. They have quite the potential for muscle growth and fat burning. Therefore, professional bodybuilders add them to their routine diet to earn a large muscular  body, strong immunity, increased stamina, fast healing of muscle injuries, and improved overall body performance to get an edge over their competitors.

How quickly do steroids work?

It depends on how strong steroids you select to add to your steroid cycle. Some steroids react very fast such as Dianabol while some need time to provide desired results. Generally, steroids take 4-10 days to show their impact on your body. 

Do steroids make you tired?

No, most steroids boost your energy and make you more active. They enhance oxygen consumption which adds to the overall performance of your body and stamina. It enables you to perform intense workouts without feeling tired or experiencing muscle fatigue and joint pain. 

How do you feel after taking steroids?

It depends on your immunity of tolerance to steroids and the type of steroids and steroid cycle. Usually, beginners feel dizzy after consuming steroids and can experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, and aggression issues.