Are Steroids really worth the risk? Yes, they are!


Anabolic steroids have been in huge demand for a couple of decades now. They are popular amongst the bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its benefits such as, performance enhancement and overall physical development. Meanwhile, steroids have been in use for treating various abnormalities in the medical sciences, and since they have various side effects occurring depending on various known/unknown factors, makes them a last resort for any treatment. That’s why their usage and distribution is strictly monitored by the authorities. However, bodybuilders have been using these steroids on their own, with a proper way. A professional or well-trained bodybuilder is aware of the fact that his body cannot transform under steroids, they will have to give hardcore workout sessions at the gym and strictly control their diet to develop a lean muscle mass and less body fat.

The bodybuilders need to rely on their body to give them that kind of physique and strength which is expected from steroids. A human body is capable of opening up its limitations when it is pushed beyond its routine. That is why hardcore training is the answer for all the ambitious athletes and bodybuilders, there is no shortcut to success. Steroids are only used to enhance the performance, stamina and overall strength of the body. There comes a time during training when the athlete will stop growing more muscle and it might become frustrating to work so hard and yet not receive the desired result, in that case bodybuilders would opt for starting their steroid cycle. Ideal time to start your cycle is when you are preparing for a competition. Under the supervision of an experienced athlete or your gym expert, consult about your current weight, muscle mass, body fat and any underlying health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. then decide upon your goal whether what kind of results you need in regards to your steroid cycle and since, the experts around you can guide you better, you should follow through with the recommended, suitable dosage. When it comes to steroids, it’s important to start with a low dosage and end with a low dosage as well after which you have to start PCT.

A successful steroid cycle results in instant results or little to no results depending on the particular steroid you are taking. The steroid cycle can continue for 6 – 10 weeks and if the athlete keeps their diet and workout routine extremely strict then the results from steroids will appear in time. The athlete would feel the intense increase in their stamina and strength during their workout sessions and as they would burn more calories, their body would require more food to make up for the killer workout. Supplements like a protein shake, a little before the workout sessions, will give you that instant boost of energy to keep your body energized even after the workout.

It is absolutely essential to calculate your diet, workout intensity levels with your steroid consumption to understand how to utilize all that energy. Without that, the energy would go to waste and instead of bulking up, the athlete would start to grow in an unhealthy manner. Many athletes have turned into oblasts as they continue to take steroids, neither give enough time at the gym nor control their eating habits. This is a misuse of steroids and such athletes are responsible on their own for such actions.

In the past there has been a lot of misuse of steroids amongst the athletes which has led to upsetting situations and has tarnished the image of athletes and bodybuilding community. But in reality, there are athletes who have been consuming steroids and taking PCT drugs along with a rigorous training schedule to make the most of their steroid consumption. Taking steroids is a serious decision and not every bodybuilder should go for it unless and until they are physically and mentally prepared for it. It is crucial to have done all the necessary homework to prepare yourself for your first steroid cycle. Many novice bodybuilders would expect that steroids would do wonders for their body and give them the ripped physique that they have been dreaming about. But unfortunately, those with that kind of mentality are absolutely ignorant. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the bodybuilder’s part to be able to create such a ripped physique and insane amount of strength and stamina.

Oral steroids or injectable steroids, if taken under a controlled/monitored environment can be extremely beneficial for athletes as it helps them unlock their physical potential at the gym. Many athletes and bodybuilders have been using them successfully. With appropriate care and precautionary measures, athletes can continue using anabolic steroids during their cutting/bulking cycle. But it is crucial for the newbies to understand that steroids are not some magic pills that will grow their muscle mass and make them strong like hulk. More hardcore intense workout is required from the bodybuilder for the steroid to show its impact given that the athlete monitors his/her diet religiously. It is important to consume the right types of food such as proteins, fats, complex carbs and daily supplements. Remember, food is your fuel, so if you burn extra time at the gym, make sure to give your body extra fuel to make up for the energy levels. Goal is to become stronger, not drained out.

Therefore, athletes who are not impatient, have a disciplined work ethic, believe in long term results having a lasting impact, and are surrounded by the right kind of people to help them with their steroid cycle, are responsible individuals of the athletic community who believe in taking steroids with an absolute care. That is why steroids are worth the risk since they are providing the benefits as long as the usage is being controlled. If they are not being monitored by an expert then the bodybuilders are bound to cause damage to themselves. So, it’s all about having an expert around and being absolutely cautious. Same is the case with general medication, if it is consumed under none’s supervision, it will inevitably cause some sort of harm. So, the argument that steroids are worth it can come to rest here and we can say that yes it is worth the risk only if you are a professional athlete or bodybuilder.

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