Steroids are synthetic versions of the human male hormone called testosterone. These synthetic versions are used to treat various diseases and deficiencies by the health care professionals. However, its side effects are so fatal that its unregulated usage is considered illegal. The health care professionals are expected to give small doses to treat the problematic concerns. Then there are those experts who have been using steroids based on their expertise. They are well aware of the blood work, targeted treating areas and the right dosage for an individual. Most of the time, it is a guess work and it revolves around a lot of risks.


Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are the most frequent users of anabolic steroids and they usually take the wrong number of dosages which has cost them their careers. It is because of such athletes, that the bodybuilding community is looked down upon because of a few bad eggs. There are many athletes who have been building muscles naturally and they are credited for it. That’s how it goes, naturally-built muscle is appreciated and those who fill themselves up with anabolics and build synthetic muscles are disqualified from any professional competition. That is why, there is a certain way and time for taking anabolics in respect to preparing for the competitions.


Aimlessly starting steroid cycles will have no impact on your professional progress so always think before starting one. Plan a disciplined schedule to follow through and find the best time to figure out which anabolic steroids will cater to your specific needs. At times, one bodybuilder would need anabolics to improve his performance and give his muscle mass a defined outer look, while there will be another bodybuilder who would need anabolics to help him grow his specific muscles, therefore, the unique needs of the athletes will determine the right time for them to start their steroid cycle. On top of that, coaches or experts will help the athlete further evaluate their need to expose their body to steroids or not. Such a restricted and disciplined use of steroids has never been harmful in any aspect. If they were harmful, doctors would never prescribe them in the first place. The problem lies in their unregulated usage.


Many athletes have died due to overdosing on steroids and not consulting with experts. These athletes are under the illusion that all bodybuilders take steroids and if they follow someone else’s steroid cycle, they will achieve the same results as them. That is absolutely false because as mentioned earlier, every steroid cycle is customized as per the needs of the specific bodybuilder. Just like that, bodybuilders must develop a balanced diet plan that will fuel up their energy levels and increase overall bodily strength during the training phase. Further in the blog, we will discuss how the use of anabolic steroids is perceived amongst the bodybuilding community and why some athletes regret taking steroids.


Furthermore, we will expound upon how every professional bodybuilder, in their right mind, takes steroids and yet lives a long and healthy life. What is the key to achieving such a lifestyle? What do you need to do and how can you avoid the mistakes of careless athletes? You can find all the answers to your questions in this blogpost.

Exploitation Of Steroids and unrealistic expectations

The majority of the problem arises whenever there is exploitation of steroids. Why is one athlete encouraged to exploit steroids? First off, no athletes intentionally exploit steroids. The unrealistic expectations from steroids are the reason why bodybuilders end-up taking more than the required dosage and repeat their steroid cycles in an untimely manner.


To understand this behavior, let us look into the bodybuilding community and the general competitions amongst different athletes. Nowadays, the competition amongst bodybuilders is higher than it was ever. The community has grown in size and with that it has produced some of the bad eggs that polluted many athletes. These bad eggs are up for finding a short-cut to achieving their goals and yet portraying unrealistic expectations to gain lean muscle mass and grow their strength instantly.


To understand that steroids are synthetic, the gains from them will not last long and as their effect starts to wear off, the athlete will feel his energy levels are drained to an absolute end and the muscles will gradually start to lose their form. This happens mostly because the athlete is depending on the steroids to give him/her their desired results and they ignore the other factors that contribute to the success of their steroid cycle.


Mostly, the bodybuilders would hardly consult an expert or a coach because either they are too expensive to afford or the athlete believes he knows better. Either of it is not a valid excuse to compromise their health and careers.


Some of the basic side effects that many exploiters of steroids have faced are:


·         Depression and anxiety

·         Increased chances of obesity

·         Acne

·         High blood pressure

·         Mood swings

·         Low self-esteem

·         Low libido

·         Erectile dysfunction

·         Virilization in females


These are just the top of the line side effects, otherwise, the side effects tend to show up depending on various unique individual’s underlying conditions.


For instance, an individual who is already a heart patient or has a history of cardiac problems in the family, chances are that his heart condition might be triggered due to the exploitation of steroids. So, the key is to consult an expert, have all factors accounted for and make sure you are headstrong and disciplined when following through with a plan that your coach will guide you through.


You should be able to find yourself a coach who can believe in your potential and encourage you towards the path of greatness. Once you have found yourself a coach like that, all you need to worry about is completing your targets while being committed and consistent during your journey. Your headstrong attitude will have a lot to account for during this phase of training. It will take you years of training to develop a sustainable lean body.

Misinformation In Bodybuilding Community 

It is not a hidden fact that bodybuilders are believed to be taking steroids to develop their extremely lean body. While it may be true, there are bodybuilders who have trained for years to achieve the results that steroids will provide within months. However, it is quite difficult for some young bodybuilders to wrap their head around the fact that when you step on a ladder, you cannot directly skip on to the top of the ladder without having to pass through each step.


When the new athletes, who have just started training, start taking steroids, they only build muscle mass that their current body can manage to build and the steroids will only boost their strength to its current maximum levels. If they have not gone through a rigorous training, and haven’t built up their muscles and strength naturally, then the steroids are only puffing up air in the body to give an illusion of a ripped body. If they put their body through years of training, their body’s overall strength levels will increase 10 fold to what it was when they started and their body will grow such a muscle mass that will last for years with a balanced diet and workout routine.


This is such a huge misconception amongst the young bodybuilders that steroids will be their best friend, all due to the misinformation that circulates around against the bodybuilding community. To depend on steroids is as harmful as intentional slow poisoning yourself. When in-fact, steroids are only giving a last push or boost of energy to the already existing muscles and overall strength of the body that you naturally developed.


So, if you are a young bodybuilder, looking for steroids on sale, then you must check in on your priorities and see if you really need steroids. To know more, continue reading and we will help you figure it out for yourself.

Athletes With Regrets and Those Who Lost Their Lives

Now that we know how steroids are perceived against the bodybuilding community, we will now talk about those bodybuilders who lost their lives too early in their careers due to pure negligence and ignorance.


But before we get into that, let me give you a disclaimer, the official reports or statements will never confirm whether the athlete died due to steroids because loose dosage of steroids trigger bodily malfunctions that can be categorized as particular problems such a high blood pressure, high or low sugar levels, and etc. In such a case the victim will be declared dead based on the literal terms of what happened such as a cardiac arrest, kidney failure, liver failure etc. It is so in order to respect the privacy of the deceased and their family. 


The bodybuilding community is well aware of what is happening around them. They know who is taking steroids and who is exploiting themselves with a heck load of steroids. Many such bodybuilders came forward to share the experiences of themselves and others while they were on steroids so much that they hardly felt in control of their body. Their mistake was that they never consulted an expert, they always believed in going hard when taking steroids and such a consistent high dosage ruined their gains and turned them into the opposite of everything they wanted. It is not the steroids that they regret, it is their attitude and no consultation with an expert, that they regret the most. If they had devised a proper schedule and a standard dosage to follow through during their steroid cycle, they wouldn’t have had to go through the life changing incidents.


On one hand we have those who have regrets with the way they used steroids, on the other hand we have those who have literally lost their lives because of steroids. One such recent example is of Rich Piana, Mr. California (1998), who died at the age of 46 after a 2-week long coma. Then we have more of such bodybuilders who died; Dallas McCarver in 2017, Baito Abbaspour in 2015, Mike Matarazzo in 2014, Greg Kovacs in 2013, and Daniele Seccarecci in 2013. These are just the known bodybuilders, who had earned themselves a name in the industry and yet died too early in their careers. It is a sad reality, but the hardcore bodybuilders are willing to take the risk because it is their personal and conscious decision.


Being smart about taking steroids is the key to not let them take control of you.

Take Control (lifestyle changes)

Sometimes, you just need to do what is necessary. After years of training, to prepare your body for a competition, you need that last push to define your gains and maximize your strength. All that can be achieved with highly supervised steroid cycles. You will need a coach or an expert who can guide you through your steroid cycle and make sure that you follow up through Post Cycle Therapy.


With that, lifestyle changes are also necessary. Bodybuilder’s lifestyle is a whole another category of lifestyle and it is individually unique at its core. Every bodybuilder will make and change their diets as their training routine and focus on what their body needs rather than what the heart wants. So, being in control is crucial to follow up with this lifestyle.


Being consistent is the key to paving a successful path and being mindful of your peer’s past mistakes and regrets is crucial for your long-term journey.


It is important for you to know that there are many athletes and bodybuilders who have been taking steroids and they are retired old men and women. They are living a healthy-active life and they are proud of their achievements. Focusing on the positives is also an important key for you to remain motivated and look forward to a healthy retirement.

Balanced Diet And Workout Routine Is The Key

At some point in life, we are told we are what we eat and it has never been truer than day and night. The bodybuilders must develop a balanced diet plan as per their needs to cater them during their training hours at the gym. 


Setting up a routine will also help in sustaining the plan you have chalked out for yourself. Try to write down your realistic goals, set up a deadline for when you want to accomplish them, write down what you want to improve and what will be your strategy for it. Write down as much as you want to achieve and stay focused on those goals. Set a time slot for everything and stick to it.


Such a planned routine will help you get started and on to the path you want to conquer. Once you are on the right track, after consulting your coach or an expert, you can plan your steroid cycle only ahead of a competition. Unnecessary steroid cycles have no benefit to your bodybuilding regime.


To conclude this blog, steroid DO NOT take years off your life. It is an individual’s own carelessness that drives them towards that path but instead if you are smart and surrounded by experts who can guide you, you have nothing to worry about. Because, if steroids were really that harmful, they would not give the results that the athletes have been accomplishing for years now.


Do you lose your gains after steroids?

Yes, skipping regular exercise, consuming unhealthy food, and completely stopping the use of anabolic steroids can result in losing muscle mass and gaining unnecessary body fat. Therefore, dosing steroids continuously and following other protocols is crucial to retain your muscles.  

What are the disadvantages of long-term use of steroids?

Prolonged usage of anabolic steroids results in various side effects including; 

  • Abnormal heart rate and liver damage 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Infertility 

  • Hair loss and pattern baldness 

  • Facial hair growth and reduce breast size in females

  • Changed appearance 

  • Psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, and aggression

  • Nausea, headache, and vomiting 

Do bodybuilders stay on steroids all year?

No, it's not possible and safe even for potential bodybuilders to stay on steroids all year. After completing every cycle, going for post-cycle therapy is crucial to neutralize hormone production in the body and avoid massive health risks. 

Do steroids waste muscle?

No, usually steroids add to muscle mass. Even cutting steroids retain muscle mass while burning excessive fat. However, prolonged usage of some corticosteroids can result in atrophy of muscle fiber and reduce muscle strength. 

Will my testosterone levels return to normal after steroids?

Yes, going for PCT or post-cycle therapy can help you to neutralize your Testosterone level. Steroids used in post-cycle therapy suppress the conversion to estrogen and boost the production of both free and active Testosterone in the body. 

Why can't you stay on steroids forever?

Prolonged usage of steroids is strictly banned and no one can stay on them forever due to the following reasons. 

  • It can damage your liver and increase your heart rate. 

  • It reduces immune system activity which results in more risk of infections and disorders. 

  • A positive dope test can result in a lifetime ban from participating in any type of sport or competition. 

  • Multiple psychiatric disorders.