Welcome to the lab results of the various products we offer at UGFREAK

There's lots of lab results to be found for many more products, but we'll share the ones from Anabolic Labs, as they randomly select products and that's more reliable to present to you.

Para Pharma


Para Pharma is a notorious brand, taking the world by storm and to be found at most major online stores. At UGFREAK we're proud to have been among the first sources to ever offer this absolutely tremendous brand and watch it evolve and become larger than ever expected, thus knowing the results and experience of its users! We are proud to be a official suppliers of Para Pharma and continue our relationship and stay committed to present users top notch quality! Because one things for sure with these results; Para Pharma knows how to produce accurately dosed products and it seems like Anabolic Labs have found a new fan favorite to keep testing.

Dragon Pharma

Dragon Pharma may just be the biggest name in the steroid world. The brand has been a strong players in the game in what feels like forever. They have delivered accurate dosed quality products over and over again, and to be found on most major sources online. Dragon Pharma looks to keep up their A-game and remain on top, when it comes to UGL products! A quick visit at dragon-pharma.com to verify your products, "ugfreak.com" is listed as  a Dragon Pharma's "gold supplier"!

SP Laboratories

Balkan Pharmaceuticals