What To Expect When You Come Off Of Anabolic Steroids?


The bodybuilding community is influenced with the use of anabolic steroids. Many of them unfortunately rely on them to make them feel their best at all times. When the reality says that the effect of these steroids wear-off after some time. The usage of anabolic steroids is found in cycles. If the athlete is looking to cut down body fat to make space for the muscles to grow, they start a cutting cycle with weight loss steroids and if they are looking to bulk up and grow muscles faster, they start a bulking cycle with injectable steroids or oral steroids. During this time, their muscles are growing at faster pace than their normal routine. This is artificial enhancement influenced by the presence of steroids in the blood. Once the effect of those steroids come off, the muscles lose all the gains and they go back to their natural consistency. This comes with attached baggage of mood swings and low self-esteem because when the athlete gains all the muscle and strength during their cycle, they feel like a superman or a super woman, therefore, when they see their gains deteriorate like that, their confidence and self-esteem is shattered. That feeling of wanting to go back in to their jacked-up form, they start steroid cycles back to back. The mood swings play a huge role in making them self-doubt their progress and they keep hustling from one thing to another to make their gains permanent. When in reality, a real bodybuilder would understand that human body is constantly changing every day and it will never remain same. If today, you gain a muscle mass, tomorrow you will lose it. Interesting fact is that there is a limitation attached to the age as well, in your thirties, you will find the peak of your physical strength to develop lean muscles. After that you will not be able to reach above your personal record, that’s when the steroids can trigger a certain boost but it will be temporary. Another factor is low libido. When you come off of anabolic steroids, your body is drained of testosterone which results in zero to none desire for intimacy and in some cases, there is erectile dysfunction. To treat that situation, there are drugs for regulating the sexual health back to normal. However, the athletes find themselves jacking up on steroids like addicts for gains that will come off after a certain time. At the end of the day they end up putting their life and overall health at life-threatening risk which is not worth it. Not only they are putting their life at risk but they are also wasting away all the effort they have put-in their bodybuilding career.

Reality of Maintaining Your Gains

The bodybuilders and their usage of drugs is not definite. There are bodybuilders who swear by that they are not taking steroids and yet they have the gains that any bodybuilder would envy. Most of the times it has to do with good genetics that their body’s response to intense training and specific diet plans help them grow a lean muscle mass and achieve a less than 10% body fat without having to inject steroids. Many bodybuilders would spend years and years training to develop their muscles in a natural way so that when they reach their peak, they can think about starting their steroid cycle to give their muscles the last push to make them more defined. The peak, is a time when the bodybuilder’s personal records come to a standstill. If an athlete keeps on training day and night, their genetic limitation will come in where they will not be able to make further improvement in the personal record. That is the time to accept the reality of gaining muscle mass. The muscle you gain naturally will tend to remain intact longer than the one that you enhance with steroids. That is why depend on your own strength to develop a lean muscle mass rather than injecting steroids. However, if you have reached your peak, then during the preparation for a competition, you can start a cycle under a supervision of expert trainer who is aware of your unique body and its unique requirements or goals. With that make sure to follow up with PCT drugs to combat your side effects. With that, focus on maintaining your naturally developed muscles because they will last longer but also do not forget that the body is always changing and you will lose your muscles at some point, so do not let it make you take rash decisions.

Develop Steroid-Free Muscles

The goal should be to develop muscles through your own physical training and a specific diet plan. Every day work on area-targeted exercises while keeping an account of the food you consume. The food you will take during your training period will have a significant impact upon your training sessions and your daily improvement. This is not an easy task to develop your muscles naturally because it can take years and years of training. This type of dedication requires a lot of patience and consistency because you are investing a significant amount of your life into it. As the saying goes patience bears a golden fruit, you will reach your goals in less time as compared to the instant benefit of steroids. Therefore, focus on the long-term goals and benefit from developing your muscles in the most natural way, steroid-free.

PCT Drugs Are A Must to Combat the Side Effects

One of the reasons athletes have to suffer after coming off of their steroids is that they do not follow it up with post cycle therapy. At times, these PCT (Nolvadex) drugs are too expensive to afford, otherwise there should be no other reason to not follow through a post cycle therapy. If you can afford to complete a steroid cycle, then you can afford to go through PCT. These PCT (Clomid) drugs will help your body to start producing the testosterone and reduce the estrogenic activity. Therefore, consider PCT as much a part of the steroid cycle as the steroids themselves.


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