8 Steroids Myths Busted Once and for All
28 Sep

8 Steroids Myths Busted Once and for All

It goes without saying that steroids offer numerous benefits. They are widely used in the medical field. Athletes and bodybuilders also use them to grow their muscle mass or boost their performance. However, the fact that there are various misconceptions and myths that surround the use of steroids cannot be denied as well.

Many people who wish to use steroids tend to stay away from them because of these myths and misconceptions. In this article, we have listed down some of the most commonly believed false notions about steroids and debunked them. Take a look at them:

1.  There’s only one type of steroid

No. There are different types of steroids. They vary in terms of their composition and use. Some steroids assist in weight loss, some are suitable for treating certain diseases, while some of them help to grow muscle mass. You shouldn’t just randomly start using steroids. Know about their composition, take expert advice and then make your pick.

2.  All steroids are to be used orally

Again, it’s a misconception. Steroids can be divided into two major categories; oral and injectable. The former is available in both the liquid and pills form. The latter, however, is directly injected into the body using a syringe.

A lot of people who have a phobia of syringes or being injected prefer oral steroids.

3.  Steroids are popular among men only

Since bodybuilding is presumed to be sports for men only, it is usually considered that women do not use them. However, this is only a myth. Studies have shown that many women use steroids to grow their muscle mass or to boost their performance in the field.

4.  It is easy to get steroids

Many believe that buying steroids is busy. You just have to find a dealer and place an order with them. Or you can easily place one online. The notion that buying steroids is easy certainly holds true to an extent. Because it is easy to get steroids, but the process can become very challenging when it comes to buying REAL steroids.

There are numerous supplies and online steroids that sell fake/inferior quality steroids. Using them can result in health implications. However, the use of real steroids is recommended since they offer abundant benefits. You can find them at UGFreak. The steroids we offer are lab tested and known to produce quality results.

5.  Women start to look like men when they use steroids

Another common myth and misconception is that when women use steroids, they can start to look like men. And it is also believed that steroids consumption can lead to the growth of facial hair. The truth is that there are certain changes, but no woman starts to look like men after the consumption of steroids. Still, it is recommended to use quality steroids, after thoroughly reading and understanding its composition, before selecting them.

6.  Steroids will make you have huge muscles in a matter of days

No. They are not magic pills. They will not transform your body within days. You need to be very patient as the result will take a little time to show. Also, do not make the mistake of quitting exercise after using steroids, thinking that it will do the required job. Remember the fact that steroids alone can’t make you a bodybuilder or boost your performance as an athlete.

7.  You can get quick results by overconsuming steroids

This is one piece of advice you certainly shouldn’t believe. A lot of people, with the hopes to get quick results, over consume steroids. Do not make this mistake, as it can land you in a very painful condition. You may even need to get medical help as well. So, always follow the prescription and only use steroids in the required dose.

8.  Steroids can make you infertile.

Many people tend to shy away from the use of steroids because of the misconception that it can make them infertile. This, however, isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, steroids can make an individual more energetic and increase their sexual appetite. Once the effects of steroids subside, one doesn’t become infertile; rather, they return to their routine level.

Similarly, it is believed that steroids can shrink male sexual organ. This, again, is not true. You can use steroids without worrying about this particular side effect.

A Final Word

In all, the use of steroids can certainly prove to be very beneficial. However, you can only obtain them if you use the best quality ones. And for this, there can be no better option than UGFreak. Browse through our extensive range of products and find the premium quality steroids manufactured by top of the line brands.

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