Proviron Dragon Pharma INTL

Proviron Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Mesterolone
  • Product Pack : 100 tabs (25 mg/tab)


Proviron Dragon Pharma INTL is one of the most advanced and popular steroids. It is an androgenic anabolic steroid. However, its androgenic effects are less than that of anabolic. The active compound used in this steroid is Mesterolone. It is manufactured by one of the greatest of all time Dragon Pharma International. All bodybuilders want to get rid of excessive fat. However, doing so will cause a loss in their muscles as well. If you aim to get a lean physique without damaging your muscles, then this steroid is for you. 

The best thing about this steroid is that it’s oral and well suited for beginners. You can buy this steroid from Ugfreak at the best price and with complete secrecy. It is available there in a pack of 100 tablets. The price for each pack of 100 tablets is $63. The amount of active compound in every single tablet is 25 mg. 


Following are some of the top-notch benefits of using this steroid. 

This steroid will help you to burn your body fat at a quicker rate. Your body will turn into a fat-burning furnace by stimulating various metabolic activities. You will be able to shed pounds of fat in quick succession.

Though it is not something that will assist you in bulking it still has the ability to add some lean muscles. This ability of Proviron makes it one of the best cutting steroids. You will lose fat without any loss in muscles. Instead, you will get some which will be lean muscles, ripped and robust. 

A rise in testosterone level will take place in your body by using Proviron. It will improve your mood and behavior. Moreover, you will get extra strength and energy to perform some hardcore workouts. 


The first cycle for Proviron should be of 5 weeks. If you want to continue its intake after the break, you can opt for an 8 weeks cycle for the next time. Per day dosage must be kept at 40 mg for men. Females should never exceed the amount of Proviron from 20mg per day.


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