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  • Manufacturer : Para Pharma US Domestic
  • Raw Material : Mesterolone
  • Product Pack : 50 tabs, 25mg/tab


An oral steroid, manufactured by Para Pharma, Proviron is commonly known as Mesterolone. We offer 50 tabs, 25mg/tab packaging with US domestic express delivery. this steroid was developed for treating patients suffering from low testosterone levels in males and for treating impotency. This drug is particularly designed for males as it helps them achieve a balance in their testosterone levels especially if they are suffering from the diseases mentioned. Since it is an androgenic and anabolic steroid, it makes it possible for male athletes and bodybuilders to build strong and lean muscles and achieve muscle hardness. The best thing about this steroid is that you can consume it orally and do not have to worry about an expert to help you administer it like an injectable steroid. However, it is still necessary to do your blood work and get your testosterone levels checked before starting a cycle of proviron. It is important because the careless and mismanaged dosage of testosterone can lead to an imbalance that the body cannot tolerate. Always make sure to consult your coach or an expert who can help you out with the pre-requisites of starting the Proviron cycle.


Proviron offers many benefits for bodybuilders especially if they are going to start their bulking cycle either for training purposes or preparing for a competition. These benefits are:

  • Lean Physique 

  • Muscle Strength

  • Treats Infertility In Males. 

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Enhanced Effects Of Testosterone

  • Improved Muscle Hardness And Density

  • Decreased Chances Of Side Effects When It Is Combined With Other Steroids.


The recommended dosage for beginners is 25mg/tab per day and as the user starts developing a tolerance for that dosage, they can increase their dosage by doubling the initial dose. Professional athletes, who have been taking steroids before, can take 25mg thrice a day. Both beginners and professionals can run their course for 4 to 6 weeks and not more than that. If they do, they can start experiencing side effects of such a prolonged cycle. It is also recommended to start Post Cycle Therapy right after every steroid cycle. 


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