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Nolvadex Dragon Pharma EU DOM

Nolvadex Dragon Pharma EU DOM

Nolvadex Dragon Pharma EU DOM

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma Europe Domestic
Raw Material : Tamoxifen Citrate
Product Pack : 100 tabs (20 mg/tab)

Nolvadex is the brand name of Tamoxifen and it is an estrogen blocker. Bodybuilders and performance athletes add it to their regime for preventing water retention and gyn, two of the most common anabolic side effects of steroids.

Nolvadex belongs to the same class as Proviron and Clomid designed for blocking estrogen. UGFREAK brings you Nolvadex by Para Pharma in the best quality and price for European domestic delivery. Buy steroids for sale online and add them to your steroid cycle right away.


Nolvadex is much more than an anti-estrogen. It also increases the amount of testosterone in the body for producing LH. Because of these reasons, this steroid is perfect for PCT. 

Once you take Nolvadex, it binds to the estrogen receptors and blocks the effects of estrogen. Before entering into the bodybuilding world, it was used for treating breast cancer in women caused a high level of estrogen. 

This steroid does not have any anabolic or androgenic effects. Most bodybuilders take this compound when they are coming off their steroid cycle. It can be added to your cycle for normalizing the production of testosterone. 


Start taking the oral form of Nolvadex when your cycle is over. Bodybuilders commonly go on a 4-week cycle taking 20 mg during the first 2 weeks and then 10 mg for the next two weeks. You can adjust your dosage depending on the steroid cycle you were previously on. It will help you achieve your bodybuilding goals without having to deal with general steroid side effects.

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