Steroids are well known for their services to bodybuilders and athletes. Primarily they were used for medical purposes, but they gained popularity when used by bodybuilders. Nowadays, every bodybuilder has to take them to stay in the competition. Most anabolic steroids are used for bodybuilding purposes, but a few have managed to gain prime importance.

Primobolan is among the top steroids used for building enormous amounts of muscle. The strength it adds to your body is unmatchable. Like many others, the initial purposes of this steroid are medical. But then It gains fame in the field of bodybuilding. Here is a complete guide about this steroid.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid that contains methenolone enanthate as the active compound in it. Primobolan and Nibal are the brand names. It is among only a few steroids that are available in both oral and injectable forms. The best thing about it is that it helps in adding lean muscle mass. It is also used for various medical purposes. Some doctors also recommend Primobolan for women due to its exceptional qualities.

Medical Uses

As the primary purpose of Primobolan steroid is to assist in the treatment of disease, first, have a look at its medical uses and benefits. It is mainly used to treat those diseases which cause a decline in muscle mass.

• It is used to treat anemia in the human body caused by a decline in the bone marrow.

• It is used to treat muscle loss due to several terminal diseases.

•         Initial studies of this steroid revealed that it also has a prime impact on treating osteoporosis and malnutrition.

• Some pieces of evidence show that it is also used to treat breast cancer.

Use for Bodybuilding

The importance of Primobolan in the field of bodybuilding is not something hidden. It is not a steroid for adding bulk muscles to your body. However, it can add lean mass and primarily acts as a cutting steroid. It is used during cutting cycles as it will only remove extra fat from your body and doesn’t harm your muscles.

The thing which makes it viable in comparison to other steroids is its fewer side effects. It is a safer option for removing fat from your body.

Mechanism of Primobolan Working in Body

Though Primobolan is a well-reputed steroid and has extraordinary abilities, it’s not some sort of magical compound. There is a proper mechanism for its functioning. Upon entering your body, it induces lipolysis. This lipolysis process eliminates fat molecules at a quicker pace. This will help in doing what Primobolan is known for, the cutting cycle.

Moreover, it also helps in adding muscle mass. This is carried out by the increased amount of nitrogen in the body. Muscles retain this excess nitrogen. You all know that nitrogen is an essential constituent of amino acids. These amino acids link via peptide linkage and form proteins. Proteins being a vital constituent of muscles, will add to lean muscles.

Benefits of Primobolan in Bodybuilding

Primobolan steroid has the following benefits for your bodybuilding career.

Adds to Your Immunity

This is the side benefit of Primobolan steroid but is closely related to its main benefits. It will raise your immunity up to immense levels and make you feel better. Strong immunity means you are not getting mild infections and side effects, and your body organs will function well.

Now you have to know why this is related to other Primobolan benefits. During the cutting cycle, you are losing fats from your body and you are taking less diet than your regular routine. As a result, your immunity is at risk of falling down. But Primobolan keeps it up and helps you to lose fats effectively.

You can compare Primobolan before and after results to better understand its benefits.

Promote Nitrogen Retention

Taking Primobolan will add an excessive amount of nitrogen to your body that promotes its retention by your muscles. This nitrogen helps in producing different varieties of proteins by playing its role in the manufacturing of amino acids, and subunits of proteins.

These proteins are not only used for building lean muscles but also used for many other body functions. It is a reason for its use by many bodybuilders and athletes.

Increasing Muscle Mass

Though Primobolan is not an ideal choice for bulking cycles, it still has the ability to add some muscle mass to your body. These muscles are of prime nature as they are whole lean muscles without any water retention. They don’t make you look bigger but make your muscles prominent.

Help You in Gaining Hard Physique

It adds lean muscles to your body, which are of pure strength, and hardens your body. It also promotes the loss of fat and helps you get rid of loose mass. Other than that, it also decreases water retention by your muscles. This will make your muscles more prominent. Your overall body muscles will harden and give you a perfect athletic look.

Use for Cutting Cycle

When it comes to Primobolan uses in bodybuilding, it stimulates several metabolic functions, which start using your stored fat and help reduce it. In simple words, it will turn your body into a furnace that will burn all your body fat. The main thing is that during the cutting cycle, this steroid adds muscles and prevents the loss of your hard-earned muscles.

Add to Body Strength

Primobolan results also include adding to the body’s strength.

The anabolic effects of this steroid are minimum. Therefore, it also adds to the strength of your body. Your muscles will gain some strength due to improved immunity as well. This strength is not like what you get from steroids specialized for that purpose but has a considerable impact on your performance.

Dosage of Primobolan

Its dosage must never exceed 700 mg per week. However, advanced users can take higher amounts, such as 1000 mg per week. It is usually stacked with other steroids, and its cycle depends upon those steroids.

Final Words

Though there are no major Primobolan side effects, you must always use it with proper guidelines. Taking help from some professionals or experts in bodybuilding is a good idea. Never overdose on the intake; it will cause severe effects. For medical purposes, always use as per your doctor's prescription, otherwise, you’re at a greater risk of facing Primobolan steroid side effects.


What does Primobolan steroid do?

Primobolan is an androgenic anabolic steroid that has mild properties. It binds to estrogen and promotes protein synthesis with a significant increase in nitrogen retention. It results in increased muscle mass. 

What are the results of Primobolan?

Primobolan is a mild steroid used by professional bodybuilders and athletes to gain strength and other potential benefits that can streamline their bodybuilding journey. 

Primo users can witness the following results; 

  • Enhanced muscles growth 

  • Increase in strength 

  • Boost stamina and immunity 

  • Reduce water retention 

  • Increased fertility 

  • Reduce fat 

Does Primobolan increase mass?

Primobolan adds to muscle mass but this gain is not prominent. The reason is that Primobolan mainly works as a cutting steroid. 

Is Primobolan for cutting or bulking?

Primo is a cutting steroid. It may add to mass by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, professional bodybuilders usually add it to the cutting cycle. It boosts the process of burning excessive fat. 

Does Primobolan increase testosterone?

Yes; you can say that Primo increases Testosterone. It mainly suppresses the Androgenic activity which results in balancing hormone production in the human body.