Which Steroid is Safest to Use? The Answer You Have Been Looking for!


It goes without saying that steroids offer numerous benefits. However, the fact that every type of steroid has some side effects associated with it cannot be denied either. So, which steroid is safest to use – this is the question that every beginner bodybuilder has in mind.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of steroids to find the answer to this question:

If you’re careful about the dose and quality of steroids, there are limited chances of suffering from the side effects of steroids. Having said that, it’s still important to know about the composition of steroids and their functions to lessen the chances of suffering from the ill effects of steroids.

Here are some steroids that are known as the safest to use:


With an androgenic rating of 20 and anabolic rating of 300+, Anavar is one of the most popular oral steroids. Known as the favourite summer drug, it is the preferred choice of many for its ability to help in lean muscle growth. Additionally, it also aids in visceral fat loss.

You can use Anavar cycles in a couple of ways, depending on your goals and aims. You can either use it solo in cycles of 4 to 6 weeks. Or Anavar cycle can be run along with other compounds Tren, boldenone or testosterone.

Although considered safe steroids, Anavar too has some side effects. It impacts estrogenic, androgenic and cardiovascular systems. However, it’s important to know that not everyone suffers from these effects. It is still important to know about them so that you can get the right treatment in case they surface.


Also known as Primo, Primobolan happens to be a performance-enhancing product. It has been used by athletes and bodybuilders since the 1960s. It is costly and offers mild gains; hence, it often doesn’t make it to the list of the best steroids. However, it can offer a lot when it comes to gains in lean muscle, provided it is used in higher doses. Also, the fact that it is relatively safer to use is a core feature why we have included it in this list.

It boasts of 44-57 androgenic rating and 88 anabolic rating.

Side effects of primo include cardiovascular, estrogenic, androgenic, hepatotoxicity, and natural testosterone shutdown. Again, it’s not necessary that you’ll suffer from these side effects. Various other factors come into play that determine the effects of Primobolan.

Nandrolone Decanoate/Deca

Nandrolone Decanoate is a drug designed to mix into the bloodstream steadily. Also called Deca Durabolin or “Deca’ more commonly, it is an injectable steroid used alongside Sustanon, test e or testosterone cyp. It has a half-life of 8 days, which makes it a perfect choice to be used along with testosterone. However, the deca cycle can also run standalone. Using it alone can help you have considerable gains in terms of mass and strength. You can inject it a couple of times a week to keep your hormone levels steady.

It has been a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes since the 1960s because of its abundant benefits and ability to offer a lot of mass. It has an androgenic rating of 37 and an anabolic rating of 125.


Turinabol, also known as Tbol, is similar to Dianabol. Therefore, you can say that it features some of the characters of the latter. It can simply be termed as the milder version of Dianabol.

Tbol is recognized for its ability to give subtle gains and the fact that it doesn’t aromatize. It has a relatively broader appeal when used in sports because of its ability to enhance lean muscles. Also, players and athletes of various sports that require enhanced speed and endurance tend to prefer turinabol over other steroids.

Final Thoughts

All these steroids discussed above are considered safe to use. However, there are certain side effects, as stated above, which each of them. The degree of these side effects vary. Having said that, these effects can be reduced if you’re using these products in the right manner. Also, the source of getting them matters as well. If you are looking for real products at affordable rates, check out the vast collection of steroids at UGFreak. We have the best products, and our rates are market-competitive as well. 

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