A Complete Guide to Weight Training


Cardio is great but if you aim to get rid of fat, get in shape and become stronger, then weight training is the way to go.

Weight training is much like strength training. It is the type of exercise that builds as well as preserves lean body mass. Other than this, it also promotes strength and stability. Weight training can help transform your body composition significantly and reduce body fat.

Even though it’s so beneficial, many, especially women believe that it is too hardcore to pick up or sport.  It is high time you get familiar with what weight training is so that you can take advantage of its benefits.

Benefits of Weight Training

Let’s start with the benefits of weight training:

Lean muscles and less body fat

As you train your muscles with train, you can build lean body mass and boost your metabolism. Your muscles will be burning more calories than fat. As a result, you will be burning more calories daily, making it easier to lose body fat.

Since weight training is intense, it demands more energy. Even after hours of working out, your body will need more oxygen for recovering. This would result in calorie afterburn, lasting for up to 24 hours even sometimes more.

Defined muscles

Defined muscles don’t happen on their own. For that, you must lift moderate to heavy weights for 8 to 12 reps per set. This type of strength will give you visible results by promoting large muscles low reps with heavy weights can increase muscle mass whereas high reps with light weight can increase muscle endurance.

But keep one thing in mind, you won’t be bulked up by lifting heavy weights unless you have a diet program and a serious fitness plan.

Stronger bones

Your muscles are not the only thing doing the heavy lifting. The bones undergo stress too, which increases bone density. As a result, you can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in the future.

Better strength and no injuries

If your knees ache from running or you can’t sit in a squat position, strength training will help you out. It strengths the muscles around the joints, provides support, and holds them in a better position. This prevents injuries as you age.

More flexibility

Numerous studies have proven that weight lifting can increase muscle flexibility. This means your mobility will improve naturally.

How Much Weight To Use?

If you are interested in strength training, then you must be wondering what is the ideal weight to use? This really depends on the number of reps you are aiming for. The weight chosen should be enough so that the last rep feels tough and you can’t do more.

This means you will have to use a heavier dumbbell for six reps than you would for 12 even if you are doing the same workout.

While choosing the weight to lift, make sure the weights don’t cause pain. Sometimes, you are better off lifting little weight than doing too much.

Tips to Stay Safe While Strength Training

Dining the same reps or following the same routine is never works. Your muscles get bored and so do you.

After every 6 to 8 weeks, you must tweak your workout. This includes rest periods, sets, reps, sequence, angles, and equipment being used. Other than this, follow these tips to make your workout effective:

Start with a warm-up routine

It is tempting to go to your locker room and start with a bench press but this is not safe. Before you are ready to lift weights, your muscles must be warmed up. For this, it’s imperative to do 5 minutes of aerobic exercise. And it is important never to skip a warm-up routine. Once you are all warmed up, start your strength training exercise.

It is natural to build momentum when lifting weights too fast. You shouldn’t let that happen because it makes exercise on the muscles, which defeats the whole purpose of strength training.

How can you prevent that? By taking at least 2 seconds to lift the weight, pause for 2 seconds at the top movement and then taken 2 seconds again to return to the starting position.

Don’t hold your breath

When lifting weights, don’t forget to breathe. You need oxygen when lifting. Holding the breath increases blood pressure and drains energy. It’s recommended to breathe through your mouth when lifting weights. Exhale when you press weight or lift an inhale when you lower the weight.

Choose different reps

If really experience the gains of weight lifting, you must vary your routine. Increase the reps, change the weights and reduce the rest time between sets.

Wear the right shoes

When lifting weights, you must be as stable as possible. This is why wearing the right shoes is important. The ones with a rigid sole are best. You will be able to activate more muscles during and after the workout.

If it is hybrid training, cross-training shoes will do the work. These shoes have a little or sometimes no heel but they offer great cushioning and support. Choose Nike Mecton 4 or Rebook Nano 8 Flex weave. Don’t hesitate to do your own research when it comes to picking the right shoes.

Summing Up

The best thing about strength training is that it gives you the freedom to set your goals. However, it is important to define the goals as early as possible so that you can shape your routine. With this form of work out, you will achieve a lot. Kick all the myths about strength training to the curb. It doesn’t make you bulk. In fact, it will help you achieve a lean figure, which you and others will be highly impressed by. If you need help in developing a strength training plan according to your body’s condition, then talk to your trainer ASAP.

With a good strength training routine, you will get more defined muscles, your balance and flexibility will improve and you will experience many other health benefits.

Keep up the good work! 

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