WINSTROL 10 Para Pharma INTL

WINSTROL 10 Para Pharma INTL

Para Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Para Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Stanozolol
  • Product Pack : 100 tabs, 10mg/tab


Manufactured by Para Pharma, Winstrol is also known as Stanozolol, available in 10mg/tab, 100 tablets packaging with international delivery. It was used in medical practices for treating specific diseases such as hereditary angioedema attacks which commonly resulted in episodes of swelling face, throat, extremities, bowel wall, and genitals. Recent studies have revealed that it reduces bradykinin production which can potentially reduce the impact of bradykinin storms. However, bodybuilders and athletes found the drug’s potential in aiding their bodybuilding regime and enhancing their performance tremendously. Hence, they started using Winstrol in their steroid cycle to gain a lean physique. 


Following are all the benefits that Winstrol can give especially when they are combined with other steroids:

  • Actively Burns Fat

  • Increases Endurance

  • Improves Cardiac System 

  • Strengthened Bone Density

  • No Conversion To Estrogen

  • Slight Increase In Appetite

  • Sustainable Muscle Growth

  • Reduces Water Retention In The Body

  • Improved Mood And State Of Mind

  • Protection From Entering A Catabolic State


Daily 50 to 60mg dosage is recommended for all types of bodybuilders either beginners or professionals. However, for beginners, it is better to start with the lowest dosage. Therefore, for the 1st week take 10mg dosage three times daily, making it a 30mg dosage per day. You can increase this dosage by 5 to 10mg every week, reaching to 50 to 60mg per day. After every anabolic steroid cycle, post cycle therapy is needed in order to avoid any potential risk of side effects. Also, people suffering from other diseases involving the liver then it is suggested to seek medical advice before starting their dose of winstrol.


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