TB 500 5mg Dragon Pharma INTL

TB 500 5mg Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Thymosin beta 4
  • Product Pack : 1 vial (5 mg)


TB-500 is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring peptide, Thymosin Beta-4, which is present in nearly all human and animal cells. It is manufactured by Dragon Pharma International and plays a significant role in the healing process, cellular repair,  regeneration of tissues, reducing inflammation, and improving overall physical performance which makes it a popular choice for athletes. 

It was first discovered in the mid-1960s as part of the Thymosin fraction 5 but was later modified into the TB 50 500 to enhance its potential for wound healing and tissue repair. It started gaining attention in the athletic and bodybuilding community after the discovery of its ability to promote recovery and improve muscular endurance.

You can buy a 10 ml vial of TB 500 from UGFreak for $45 only. 


  • As we already mentioned, the primary reason to choose TB 500 mg is enhanced recovery speed. It can speed up the healing process of wounds, tendons, ligaments, and muscle injuries and allow athletes to recover more quickly from injuries and intense training sessions. It results in boosting users' confidence and reducing downtime. 

  • It is also known for its potential to reduce inflammation and swelling, which can be beneficial in managing chronic pain and preventing injury.

  • Some users also noticed a significant increase in flexibility and reduced stiffness, which resulted in improved performance and reduced the likelihood of muscle injuries. 

  • It facilitates repair and growth at the cellular level to actively contribute to muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. Therefore, it is also an effective solution to enhance muscle mass. 

  • When used regularly according to prescribed dosage it can also improve your endurance and stamina. 


It totally depends on athletes' and bodybuilders' fitness levels, objectives, and tolerance to drugs. For beginners, its dosage ranges from 2 mg to 2.5 mg administered twice a week while for more severe injuries, the dosage can be increased, but it should always be done under professional supervision.

A typical cycle of TB 500 mg lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. However, a maintenance phase or PCT is crucial during which the dosage is reduced or the frequency of administration is decreased.


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