Syringe 6ml BULK (50 pcs)

Syringe 6ml BULK (50 pcs)

Pharmacy Gears


  • Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears
  • Raw Material :
  • Product Pack : 50 x 6ml syringe


Manufactured by the Pharmacy Gears, these insulin syringes are available in bulk, 50x6ml package. These syringes packed with highest sterilization standards and can be used by all the individuals or healthcare experts to administer injectables. This syringe is used for individuals who require higher dosages of medication up to 6ml. Although the syringe holds a clear scale for measuring the dosage, the maximum holding capacity of the syringe is 6ml. It also has an ergonomic finger grips which makes the injection much comfortable and firm to hold while injecting it in the body. The needle design is also carefully designed given that the user experience is comfortable. The user must consult a healthcare professional to help them administer the drug into their body because the risk of mismanaging the administration can compromise the health of the individual. The syringe comes with a tightly sealed cap on the needle to avoid any contamination while manhandling the syringe.


Following are the benefits of buying these syringes from UGFreak in bulk:

  • Sterilized Syringes

  • Custom-Built Needle For Comfortable Administration 

  • You Save Money On Bulk Orders

  • Ergonomic Finger Grips

  • Clear Scale For Visualization


This syringe is available for administering dosages up to 6ml. These syringes can be used by individuals for injecting steroids given that they are under strict supervision of any expert who has an experience with administering injectable steroids. Users who are injecting higher dosages of medications should prefer these syringes. It is suggested, once the packet of a single syringe is opened, it is best to use it and dispose it off immediately. UGFreak does not recommend you to reuse the syringes. These syringes are for one time use only.


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