Syringe 1ml Insulin BULK (100 pcs)

Syringe 1ml Insulin BULK (100 pcs)

Pharmacy Gears


  • Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears
  • Raw Material :
  • Product Pack : 100 x 1ml syringe


Manufactured by the Pharmacy Gears, these insulin syringes are available in bulk, 100x1ml package. These syringes are ideal for users who are injecting insulin in their bodies on a day to day basis or if you are a coach or an expert who wants to provide injectables to someone then this bulk package is perfect. The 1ml syringe provides accurate measurement and the needle is carefully built to make the administration of the fluid smooth and painless. These syringes can be used for consuming other injectables but it is suggested to use it primarily for injecting insulin since the needle is thin keeping in mind the injecting instructions for insulin. Other than that, these syringes can easily be used by injectable anabolic steroid users to administer steroids into their body, given that they are under the supervision of an expert. These syringes come with their safety cap, so that there is zero risk of any contamination while handling the syringes. 


Following are the benefits of buying these syringes from UGFreak:

  • Sterilized syringes

  • Custom-built needle for insulin injections

  • You save money on bulk orders


This syringe can hold a fluid of 1ml, which is quite ideal when it comes to injecting steroids early in the cycle or for any beginner. These syringes can be used for injecting smaller dosages of other steroids that are only acting as an accelerator for the main steroid of the cycle. 1ml dosage is quite an ideal dosage to take and observe how the body reacts to the drug and then continue to increase however you see fit. Remember to consult an expert to help you understand what you need and consult a healthcare expert to help you administer the injection.


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