Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma INTL

Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Testosterone Suspension
  • Product Pack : 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)


Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma INTL is probably the strongest steroid ever produced. Surprised to read that! You will know the reason soon. The active substance or raw material present in this steroid is testosterone suspension. Yes, you read it right. This steroid contains the original version of testosterone. With no alteration in its structure, testosterone is a very powerful hormone. Dragon Pharma produced this steroid in high-tech labs and then released it after all testing.

The growth of muscles with Suspension 100 Dragon Pharma INTL will be unbelievable. You can easily get scammed by dealers on the name of this steroid as they will not give you a legit product. Therefore, you should always buy it from Ugfreak. It is available there in 10 ml vials. The concentration of testosterone suspension is 100mg per ml of vial solution. The price for a 10ml vial is $33.


Here are some of the key benefits of using this steroid.

No ester is attached to this steroid. Therefore it will produce quicker and long-lasting effects. The results will be better than using any other derivative of testosterone because it’s the purest form.

Muscle growth will take place at its best when using this steroid. It will start working as soon as it gets inside your body. Nitrogen amount will rise to its maximum level in the body, and more proteins will synthesize. These proteins will assist your muscles to grow bigger.

You may call it an exaggeration, but it’s a fact that testosterone suspension will add superhuman strength to your body. You will be able to lift heavier weights with ease in the gym during workouts. This will assist you in performing intense workouts. 

Agility and response time of your body will increase. This improves your athletic abilities. 


This is a potent steroid. Therefore, it's not for every gym guy. Only experts or those who can strictly follow the guidelines strictly should use it with proper cycles. You must keep the duration of the cycle between 1 to 6 weeks. For the first cycle, 100mg per day will be enough. For the next cycle, you can take up to 200mg per day.


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