Retatrutide 10mg Dragon Pharma INTL

Retatrutide 10mg Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Retatrutide
  • Product Pack : 1 vial (10 mg)


It is an effective, synthetic peptide manufactured by Dragon Pharma, a reliable name in the world of steroids and bodybuilding supplements. Its safety profile, versatile nature, and potential to enhance muscle growth, reduce body fat, and increase recovery process enable it to earn incredible popularity among bodybuilders and athletes. 

Originally it was developed to be used as a medication for weight management and type 2 diabetes because it can mimic certain gut hormones, but later became famous among athletes and bodybuilders looking for a competitive edge. These intramuscular injections enhance insulin sensitivity and regular appetite, resulting in the reduction of excessive body fat. 

You can buy 100% original Retartuide from UGFreak. Here it's available in 10 ml vials. The price for a pack of 5 vials is around $145. 


It is a promising substance for bodybuilders and athletes to transform their physiques and enhance their overall body performance. It can bring you various potential benefits that are given below;

  • The key benefit of incorporating Retartuide into your bodybuilding routine is the fast burning of excessive body fat. It enhances metabolic rates while reducing appetite, resulting in getting rid of excessive fat. 

  • It is usually considered a fat control tool but also helps users retain or preserve their muscles even during the cutting phase. 

  • Improved insulin sensitivity also plays a crucial role in more effective nutrient partitioning which is crucial for muscle growth and fat loss. 

  • Another benefit of Retartuide is that it suppresses users' appetite and helps them to strictly stick to their diet plan and achieve their desired physique within the assigned time frame. ;

  • Some regular Retartuide users also claim that it enhances their endurance and supports them to perform more intense and vigorous workouts and sports. 


The average Retartuide dosage for bodybuilders and athletes is 10 mg per week. The best way to take this 10 mg is by dividing it into small, daily doses, crucial to maintaining a stable peptide level in the body. Its cycle lasts 08-12 weeks followed by a break to avoid potential side effects. 

However, the dosage limit and cycle extent can vary from individual to individual depending on their bodybuilding goals and response.


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