Dragontropin 100iu Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragontropin 100iu Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International


  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Human Growth Hormone
  • Product Pack : 10x10ml vials


Dragontropin is a synthetic human growth hormone manufactured by Dragon Pharma International and contains somatotropin, a form of HGH that is identical to human growth hormone naturally occurring in the human body. It is massively popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of its exceptional muscle growth and fast recovery properties. 

It was first synthesized in the 1980s to treat growth deficiency in children and adults but later became popular among professionals because of its ability to regenerate cells and heal or repair muscle tendons, ligaments, and tissues. Dragontropin is one of the most emerging HGH brands, catering to the specific needs of athletes and bodybuilders. 

It is more expensive than other types of synthetic growth hormones and available only at a few reliable steroid stores. However, you can easily get authentic Dragontropin from UGFreak, a top-ranked online steroid store. This store will provide you with a 10 ml vial of Dragontropin for $250. 


The synthetic growth hormone plays a vital role in regenerating cells and maintaining healthy tissues including the brain and other vital parts. Its regular use according to prescribed dosage can bring multiple benefits to your health and physique that are listed below;

  • Strong and large muscles are one of the primary and most attractive benefits of Dragontropin for bodybuilders and athletes. It increases collagen production which results in strengthening muscle tissues and improving muscle mass. 

  • It significantly increases lipolysis, the process of fat breakdown, that leads to the rapid burning of excessive body fat and maintaining a hard and linear physique.  

  • When used under medical supervision, it increases mineral retention, especially nitrogen which automatically adds to the bone's density and protects them from frequent injuries due to intense workouts.  

  • Along with muscle-building and fat-burning properties, it is also capable of boosting immunity and improving the overall health of users. 


Its dosage usually depends on users' fitness level for example, beginners are recommended to inject 2-4 IU per day while advanced level users can use 6-8 IU per day. It usually has a long cycle that lasts 6 to 24 weeks.


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