Bacteriostatic Water Para Pharma INTL

Bacteriostatic Water Para Pharma INTL

Para Pharma International


  • Manufacturer : Para Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Sterile water, benzyl alcohol
  • Product Pack : 10ml single-dose


Manufactured by the Para pharma, bacteriostatic water inhibits the growth of bacteria since it is sterilized and filtered. It is available in 10ml single dose packaging with international delivery. Our delivery services are discreet which is why we assist our customers from point A to point B as a reliable supplier. This water is merely comprised of 0.9% benzyl alcohol to prevent contamination. Medical practitioners use this water to mix different injectables to administer and avoid getting the solution contaminated in the process. Similarly, the bodybuilders who are capable of injecting themselves tend to use bacteriostatic water to mix different anabolic steroid injections for a combination dosage. If you have no experience or training with how to administer an injection, then we strongly recommend you to get in touch with an expert.


It may not seem like much but bacteriostatic water has significant benefits for which it is still vastly used by health care providers and bodybuilders. Following are some of the benefits of Bacteriostatic water:

  • It can dilute medications.

  • Can be used multiple times during one period moment.

  • Prevents future growth of the bacteria.

  • Budget friendly.


This water has been in use for a long period amongst bodybuilders. Due to the illegality of steroids, bodybuilders resist going to a healthcare professional for administrating their injectable steroid which is why many of them end up learning how to inject steroids while using the bacteriostatic water for making safe combinations. That is how the bodybuilders end up injecting themselves. It is used for the purpose of diluting or even dissolving various medications.


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