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ANAVAR 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

ANAVAR 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

ANAVAR 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Europe Domestic
Raw Material : Oxandrolone
Product Pack : 100 tabs, 50mg/tab

Anavar was created for medical use hence why it’s sold by the brand name Oxandrolone. It was developed in 1962 by Searle Laboratories and two years later, it was sold as a Pharmaceutical drug. The primary role of this drug was to support weight gain and muscle growth. It proved to be highly effective for HIV and AIDS patients. It also can make muscles recover faster and provide bone pain relief.

The bodybuilding world admires Anavar because of its ability to cut fats and improve strength. Another great thing about it is that it does not have harsh androgenic side effects, which is why almost every athlete and bodybuilder has it in their steroid stack.

You can count on Anavar for:

Boost performance at the gym

Improve muscle recovery

Provide strength 

Cut fat without losing existing muscles

Anavar also improves protein synthesis. This amps up your energy level and you can spend more time at the gym than ever. You will also experience that your muscles are recovering faster than you had ever imagined. 

Europe Domestic Delivery

UGFREAK promises to deliver Anavar by Para Pharma at the best quality in Europe. Buy steroids online and have them delivered anywhere in the European region within 3 to 21 days of placing the order.


Keep the dosage for Anavar between 30 to 80 mg per day. Advanced users can take up to 100 mg per day as well. Watch out for unusual side effects and see the doctor immediately if needed. 

  • P******* I******2018-06-01 09:07:59

    Results Results RESULTS!!
    This has to be the best form of Var I have ever tried! You can feel this gear start to really kick in the first couple days of your cycle. I would recommend taking 2 a day to start and eventually upping to 3 a day and stacking with either HCG or Test depending on your level of experience with gear. To start I tried this with just HCG and the pump that I got in the gym was INCREDIBLE!! This VAR will give you massive strength growth and in turn lean muscle gain. I bought two bags worth but I would say next time buying 3 - 4 would be best so that you can easily do 90 - 120 days.

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