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ANADROL 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

ANADROL 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

ANADROL 50 Para Pharma EU DOM

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Europe Domestic
Raw Material : Oxymetholone
Product Pack : 100 tabs, 50mg/tab

Anadrol is one popular steroid if you are looking forward to building a great figure and bulk your muscles. It is similar to the testosterone produced by the human body. It is better than the naturally producing testosterone though.


Once it is introduced in your body, the testosterone levels will become double. It will boost protein synthesis and increase nitrogen retention. You will be amazed to see how impressively fast you will be building muscles.

It is a good move to make Anadrol a part of your bodybuilding cycle. It contains active ingredients that have powerful anabolic effects for building muscle mass, boosting strength and energy, improving focus and endurance and the staminal level. Within the first week of taking this steroid, you can expect to build 2 to 4 pounds of muscles per week.

Apart from increasing the levels of testosterone in your body, it will improve the oxygen circulation muscles will receive more oxygen and they will become bigger, stronger and better.


If you taking Anadrol for bulking, keep in mind too much of it can be and for your liver. Therefore, keep your cycle to 6 weeks only. Most bodybuilders take 15 to 25 mg per day. This should enough to build muscles faster and safely.  You can also stack it with other steroids.

While you are on this steroid, you might experience some side effects in the form of water retention, headache, high blood pressure, etc. If you encounter anything serious, stop taking the steroid and see your sports doctor immediately.

  • P******* I******2018-02-26 09:45:29

    Great To Mix With
    Got this Drol to mix with my Test and it complimented it quite nicely. I feel a strong pump from it when I take it. This is a great product for someone new to juice.

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