What is HCG?

HCG is a well-known name in the medical field which is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Like many other steroids, it too was first used in medical fields only. Later bodybuilders observe some intense benefits of using this steroid and they start its use to achieve their desired body shape. HCG is also known as the pregnancy hormone as it indicates the pregnancy of a woman. Its concentration in the blood and urine of a patient helps doctors to find out if the patient is pregnant or not.

HCG levels increase in females during pregnancy. It is secreted by the placenta after 12 to 15 days of ovulation. Initially, it was hard for manufacturers to prepare it. They usually extract it from the urine of pregnant females. Then its production starts by using DNA recombinant technology. A recombinant DNA is used to manufacture this steroid in laboratories. This DNA helps in the attachment of both subunits of this steroid.

Apart from several medical benefits, it has some important services in the field of bodybuilding. If you are looking to lose weight or planning a post-cycle therapy, this steroid is for you. Are you new in the field of bodybuilding and don’t know much about this steroid? Don’t worry! We will tell you about its uses, benefits, dosage, side effects, and everything else that you must know about HCG.

Manufacturers of HCG

HCG is prepared by almost every well-reputed manufacturer of steroids. The most common and popular manufacturers of this steroid are Valkyrie Pharma, Para Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma, etc. All these manufacturing companies have been working for many years and are well-reputed as well. You can trust their products for effective and high-quality products.

Manufacturing units of these companies are present all across the globe. They also have affiliated stores to provide their products in every corner of the world. HCV is prepared in high-tech labs of manufacturing units. They are properly tested before their release in the market. Both animal and human testing are performed to find if the steroid is safe for users or not. In short, you will get a properly tested HCG steroid with minimum side effects.

Is HCG Oral Or Injectable?

The biggest concern of a steroid user especially when you are new to this field is the form of the steroid. Some of you may like oral and some may like injectable steroids. HCG often comes in an injectable form. You have to get yourself injected with this steroid to gain maximum results. If you are a newbie, you can take assistance from a doctor or some expert at the gym to get yourself injected.

Injectable steroids have some benefits over oral ones. HCG is prepared in an injectable form to increase its effectiveness. You don’t get a lot of supportive compounds along with steroids as it often has a single compound as their base. It will directly work on the required group of muscles when you take it for bodybuilding. Furthermore, it will not take a long time to start working as it has already been injected into its place. The injectable form also has minimum side effects as compared to the oral one.

Note: Inject the HCG steroid by yourself only when you are properly trained for it and can do it with precision. Otherwise, visit a dispensary or ask someone expert to inject it into your body.

Uses of HCG

HCG is an oral steroid that is used for detecting pregnancy in females. It is to be noted that HCG levels in pregnant women increase when they are around 10 weeks. Post that, they start to lower gradually. You can refer to the HCG levels chart for pregnant women to know more about it. Also, knowing what is normal HCG level is important for you before you start taking this medication.

It has several other medical uses as well. Treatment of several sexual disorders both in males and females is performed by the use of this steroid. In the field of bodybuilding, it has earned a great reputation for being a post-cycle therapy steroid. It has the ability to reverse the side effects of several steroids.

You must also that HCG in men is also present. If you take it with a lower-calorie diet, it will help you to lose some weight as well. Some other uses such as mood improvement and activity enhancement are also associated with this steroid.

Mechanism of HCG Working

Like all other steroids, HCG, too, has a specific mechanism for its working in the body. It is not a magical compound that will give you sudden results without altering your body conditions. It has to enter your body and then several internal organs to complete its mechanism and deliver what you are expecting from it. When it is released by the body during pregnancy, it will increase the blood flow toward the embryo. This will result in the delivery of all essential nutrients to the growing embryo.

When it is taken through injection for bodybuilding purposes, it has to enter your organs for its functioning. It will enter your muscles through membrane-bound receptors. It will attach to these receptors and then get inside via receptor-mediated endocytosis. After that, it will start functioning there. It will speed up the metabolic processes to burn fats quickly.

There are two subunits in the HCG hormone, one is called alpha and the other is beta. Receptors will only take these two subunits in combined form. There are no receptors present for individual subunits. A recombinant DNA, used for HCG manufacturing keeps these subunits together. Similarly, only membrane-bound receptors can attach HCG molecules. Research has been carried on to find some free receptors for this steroid. It will make this steroid more effective due to some extra benefits.

Benefits of HCG

You have to spend money to buy HCG. Moreover, you have to follow some tough gym and HCG diet routines as well along with injecting yourself to complete the cycle of this steroid. You cannot do so if you don’t have some firm benefits in front of you.

Let’s explore the benefits of using HCG, it will give you some motivation to finish its cycle with precision.

Medical Benefits

Following are the medical benefits of using this steroid.

• It helps females to maintain pregnancy as it is responsible for the stimulation of the movement of blood toward growing embryos. It is required for the delivery of essential nutrients to your baby and to maintain pregnancy.

• It is also used for the treatment of infertility in females. It assists in ovulation and starts the pregnancy process. It also has some impact on males as well to improve their fertility.

• It is used in males before their puberty for proper development of their body and genitals. So, it will help in the proper growth and development of their testicles and enable them to secrete testosterone.

• It is used for the treatment of hypogonadism as well. However, for that purpose, the testosterone level must be up to a normal state. Otherwise, it must be taken along with testosterone to treat hypogonadism.

Post Cycle Therapy

HCG is widely used for post-cycle therapy. It will stimulate the release of testosterone in the body and overcome the side effects that are caused by the lack of testosterone. It is an aromatase inhibitor steroid that will not allow the production of estrogen in the boy. This will bring the estrogen to its normal level. Research also shows that it has some impact on stimulating the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus to secrete hormones naturally after continuous abuse of different steroids. However, no solid evidence is present to support this function.

Fat Burning

If you are looking to lose extra fat along with post-cycle therapy, you cannot find something better than HCG. You have to take it with a low-calorie diet and the results will surprise you. It will increase the metabolism of your body and the stored tough fats will start burning at a rapid rate. At the end of post-cycle therapy, you will have a very low body fat percentage.

Making Muscles Prominent

As it assists you to lose fat, it makes your muscles look more prominent and well-defined. It also reduces the retained water as well. This makes the linings of muscles visible and puts your muscle on display.

Improved Performance

It also helps you to improve your performance. You will experience this improved performance during workouts in the gym. As it is well known to improve the level of testosterone in the body, this will give you more energy than the normal routine. This will allow you to perform some intense workouts. Moreover, you will be able to perform workouts for more than normal duration. Losing fat from the body also improves your overall activity, making you more active. Your joints too will be able to move to their maximum extent.

Improved Behavior

You will not only get some physical benefits but some mental benefits as well by using HCG. This hormone will help to improve your mood and behavior. A maintained level of hormones in the body and a slightly higher testosterone level is the reason behind improved mood. This will help you to do your workouts without feeling much pain. Similarly, it will also keep you motivated.

Side Effects

Apparently, a steroid that is used to reverse the side effects of other steroids via post-cycle therapy must not have some side effects. However, abuse of anything will make you pay the price. Normal use of this steroid will not cause any side effects. However, when you misuse it by taking extra doses, you may have to experience some side effects. These side effects are given below.

• When male bodybuilders take it in large amounts, it will cause some female characters to appear in them. Gynecomastia or the development of male breasts is the most common and early side effect of abusing HCG.

• It may cause the development of stones in the gallbladder and also result in an imbalance in the concentration of body electrolytes. It will disturb the whole body’s functioning.

• When you abuse it continuously, the injection site may start swelling. Pain and redness will also be experienced at that site.

• Several types of allergies and skin problems can also be introduced by extra doses of HCG. Certain allergic reactions take place but they are not very serious. Only mild rashes and sometimes anaphylactic reactions will take place.

• Vomiting, stomach pain, acne, nausea, and other similar side effects are also common. They are associated with the abuse of almost every steroid.

Cycle or Dosage

If you want HCG for bodybuilders, you should most certainly know about its dosage.

HCG dosage must be kept very precise. If you abuse it, you will have to face some side effects. If you aim to lose weight by using this steroid, you have to opt for a 6-week cycle. Never go for a longer cycle than that. Per day dosage must be kept at 175 IU. You have to take it for y days a week. A one-day break must be put on to keep its dosage maintained.

For post-cycle therapy, its dosage depends upon the intensity of side effects after previous cycles. The dosage may range from 1500 IU to 10000 IU, depending upon your age and body condition. Once you feel the side effects are reversing, you must drop the dosage. 4 to 6 weeks will be enough to reduce side effects. If they are persistent, you can take 2 extra weeks as well

Where to Buy HCG?

It is one of the most difficult tasks to get the legit version of the steroid. Due to a lot of scanners, you can get a steroid with altered formulas and can observe some serious disorders. The best way to buy it is to order from a reputable online store, i.e. UGFreak. You will not get a better option than Ugfreak to order it. It is a reputable store that will deliver only legit products. Moreover, you will get it at your doorstep without getting into some legal problems as steroids are inhibited in almost every country for bodybuilding purposes.


As promised, we have delivered every information about HCG that you must know before planning to use it. If you are looking to reduce your weight or planning to go through post-cycle therapy, this steroid is for you. Make sure you never abuse this steroid.


What does hCG do for the body?

hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is highly crucial for pregnancy maintenance.  It is produced during pregnancy and is mainly responsible for supporting the Placenta and Fetus development. It also plays a crucial role in the prevention of uterine line breakdown and the production of other essentials to ensure healthy Fetus growth.  

What beta hCG level indicates pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, the Beta hCG level greatly varies in women's blood. However, a Beta hCG level of 25 mIU/ml or higher indicates pregnancy. Therefore, it is used as an indicator of pregnancy through blood tests. 

Is hCG good for sperm?

hCG has no direct impact on the sperm's health. It's a pregnancy maintenance hormone and helps females in healthy fetus growth. However, men also used it before puberty for the complete growth of their testes.

What does positive hCG indicate?

Positive hCG indicates the pregnancy. It starts producing in females after 10-15 days of ovulation. It is easily detected by urine and blood tests. Therefore, the presence of higher levels of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in females indicates the pregnancy. 

Does folic acid increase hCG levels?

No, it has no link to the hCG level. Folic acid is an essential vitamin (B) for healthy fetus growth and parental health. The hCG level increased naturally during different stages of pregnancy in women. 

How to increase hCG?

hCG is an important pregnancy hormone and can not increase naturally. It is produced during pregnancy and increases naturally during different stages. 

If you are facing any problems regarding your hCG level, consulting your doctor or a gynecologist is the best solution to avoid harmful side effects or pregnancy-related issues. 

Can hCG affect fertility?

Yes, hCG can greatly affect fertility. It is used in many medical treatments to cure infertility in women. It increases the chances of fertilization. However, using it under professional supervision is mandatory to achieve desired results and avoid side effects. 

How is hCG used for infertility?

hCG is used in medical treatments to induce fertility in females who are undergoing different reproductive technologies including IVF or in vitro fertilization and IUI or intrauterine insemination. It increases the chance of fertilization by enabling egg production from ovaries in a  particular time frame. 

Is hCG safe for males?

Yes, hCG is quite safe and effective for males to use for different purposes such as medical treatment and bodybuilding or fitness aesthetics. It is also used in post-cycle therapy because of its cutting and retaining muscle mass properties. 

However, buying it from a reliable steroid store like UGFreak and using it under professional supervision is essential to go safe throughout the cycle.