Whether you have been around the gym or not, you must have heard about steroids. Steroids are artificially prepared and biologically active compounds that are used by humans for several purposes. They resemble the hormones prepared by our body but have a few alterations at some point. They were primarily manufactured in laboratories for the cure of several diseases in humans, such as delayed puberty, anemia, cancer, etc.

However, they have gained original fame due to their use by bodybuilders and athletes. Bodybuilders use them to achieve quicker and long-lasting results. Some of these steroids are common, and some are rare. Amongst these steroids, one of the most efficient is Halotestin. Fluoxymesterone is the active compound present in this steroid. It is much similar to testosterone and replaces naturally produced testosterone in the body.

It was initially prescribed by doctors for the treatment of delayed puberty in boys and breast cancer in females. Later its benefits in the field of bodybuilding have been explored by people, and it is now one of the most efficient steroids to improve muscle growth and development. Are you a newbie to steroids, or have you been in the gym for the first time? Don’t you know how to use Halotestin, or are you looking to find if this steroid is suitable for you or not?

Don’t worry! We are here to guide you all the way. Following is a complete guide on Halotestin. You will find its uses, mechanism, benefits, side effects, and everything else that you should know about it. Let’s begin the guide.

Manufacturers of Halotestin

Before heading towards the usage or anything else about Halotestin, you must know the manufacturers of this steroid. Knowing the manufacturers is essential to find the nature of the product and check whether it is repeatedly tested or not. There are various popular steroid manufacturers available in the market. Some of the top listed names among them are Para Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma, and Valkyrie Pharma.

Halotestin, comprising Fluoxymesterone as the active component is usually manufactured by Dragon Pharma. These manufacturers are top-rated among the other popular ones. It will provide you with 100 percent original Halotestin, which is repeatedly tested in their high technology labs. In this way, the chances of side effects are minimum as steroids have been appropriately tested before release into the market.

Is it Oral or Injectable?

If you are a newbie to steroids, you will have great concerns about the form of steroids. You will want To check whether it's oral or injectable before placing an order. Usually, the injectable ones are not a good option for newcomers. They don’t know how to inject by themselves and have to visit a clinic for that purpose.

They may also have fear of syringes and never want to use injectable ones. Be happy! This steroid is available in oral form. You simply have to take a pill and swallow it with water or even without it if you are comfortable in doing so. No matter where you are, you can take it in its oral form. You don’t have to visit a clinic or get yourself injected.


As mentioned earlier, Halotestin is an oral steroid, so you must take it orally. It has various uses in the medical and bodybuilding fields. It is an androgenic anabolic steroid. It will start its functioning soon after entering the body. It is suggested to store it in cool and dark places, away from direct sunlight.

In the medical field, its primary purpose is to treat boys and men who are suffering from low testosterone levels. This usually happens due to their inability to secrete enough testosterone. Several other disorders can also be treated by using Halotestin. In the field of bodybuilding, it is well known for adding lean muscles and enhancing performance. Fat burning is also one of its main uses.


Halotestin is not a magical powder that will start doing wonders after entering your body. It has a proper mechanism for curing disorders and adding muscles to your body. It is taken orally and is metabolized by the liver. After that, it starts functioning. Like most other steroids, it will travel toward the receptor sites.

It will bind to the androgen receptors and start producing free testosterone in the body. This will raise the level of testosterone in the body and improve the overall functioning of the person who is taking this steroid.

Benefits of Using Halotestin

You have to spend money on buying steroids. You will never want to spend on them without knowing their benefits. Understanding the benefits will assist you in deciding whether you need this steroid or not. Moreover, you will also find out if the benefits are enough to justify the price or not. This will make it easy for you to spend money on any steroid.

With that said, let’s figure out the different Halotestin benefits. You will experience most of these benefits during the first Halotestin cycle.

Medical Benefits

As doctors have prescribed Halotestin to cure several diseases, it’s important to know its medical benefits. Knowing them will help you understand what extra medical benefits you are going to get with your bodybuilding cycle of Halotestin. These benefits are listed as follows.

• Low testosterone levels in the body will result in men and boys due to a lack of secretions by their glands. This will result in many problems for them. Being five times more potent than natural methyl testosterone, Halotestin has the ability to raise testosterone levels in the body. This will make its amount enough in the body.

• As puberty in males is associated with testosterone which acts as their sexual hormone. Its lack will inhibit them from growing into adults and displaying secondary sexual characteristics. Halotestin will be used to cure this disorder.

• It is also used in the treatment of breast cancer in females. Not all types of breast cancer can be treated using this steroid. It is effective only against meta-state breast cancers in females.

• It has the ability to produce red blood cells in the body. It stimulates the bone cells or bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. This ability makes it beneficial for the treatment of anemia. 

• Patients have to lose their body mass and hair during their fight against cancer. Cancer makes them hollow inside, and they look like skeletons covered with skin. Halotestin supplement is prescribed for such patients to help them regain their body mass. Halotestin will add lean muscle mass, making them feel healthier and stronger.

Quick Functioning

When you are looking to improve your muscle growth you want it quick. Especially when you spend money on steroids, you want them to do their work quickly. Halotestin will never disappoint you in this regard. It is one of the quick-acting steroids. It does not mean that it is some super serum that will add muscles with just a single time use.

The secret behind its rapid functioning ability is the half-life of Halotestin. It is about nine and a half hours in the human body. Therefore it has to do its job during this period. It no longer stays in your body. Thus after entering your body, it will start its functioning. The live river will metabolize this steroid, and it will attach to the receptor sites.

Fat Burning

Many bodybuilders use Halotestin for cutting. Halotestin strength gains have also given it a myriad of popularity. It helps your body to look more shaped and makes your muscles prominent. It will increase the overall metabolism of your body. This increased metabolism will use stored fat and eliminate it by burning it. At the same time, this steroid will inhibit the loss of your muscles during the cutting cycle.

Moreover, Halotestin steroid will improve body functioning and help to increase your stamina. This is a short term effect and helps you to put all your efforts into the workouts. You will feel more energetic and have the ability to perform intense workouts. This too will help in burning fats and developing new muscles at the same time.

Muscle Growth

Whether you use steroids for medical or bodybuilding purposes, they are associated with some muscle gains. The same is in the case of Halotestin. Though the Halotestin cycle is more popular for cutting, it has the ability to add some lean muscles throughout the process. When it enters your body, it stimulates nitrogen retention by your body. This nitrogen bonds with other compounds in the body you are receiving through diet and starts making amino acids.

Amino acids link through various coding and start making proteins. These proteins are important constituents of muscles. These proteins will help muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Improved Body Performance

Halotestin steroid is widely used by many athletes and sportspersons to improve their body conditions. It will keep their body in shape and help them perform well during sports and athletic activities. There are several reasons behind the improved performance of the body using this steroid. First of all, it has the ability to produce more and more red blood cells. These red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body and enable them to work at their full potency.

Decreased content of fats will make your body more active. You will feel yourself quicker in the field than before. Retention of several nutrients by inhibiting their release through the excretory system is also a reason behind the top performance of the body.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

It adds to the natural strength of your body as well. It will add only lean muscles without any water retention by them. These muscles are pure pieces of lean mass. It means they are strong and flexible. The supply of different nutrients to them is also a reason behind their strength.

Your bones will go more robust with the use of this steroid. It will minimize the release of calcium ions by the excretory system. These calcium ions will deposit in the bones and make them stronger. The exact mechanism also retains several other nutrients and helps them to deposit in your bones. As a result, you will have stronger bones that can handle more pressure.

Side Effects

The side effects of Halotestin are very minimal. Some of the most common side effects are regular ones, such as acne, oily skin, loss of hair, and patterned baldness. However, its abuse may cause some serious side effects. These are:

• Increased anxiety levels due to high concentration of testosterone in the body.

• High concentration of testosterone will also inhibit the formation of sperm. It may make you sexually inactive if you continuously abuse Halotestin.

• Mood swings are related to the abuse of Halotestin. This is usually caused by the disturbing levels of hormones in the body.

• In females, several male characteristics can be developed. Deepening of voice and growth of facial hairs are some common ones.


Halotestin steroid must be taken in fixed cycles. The ideal duration of the process is 12 weeks. You need to keep the dosages minimum due to their rapid functioning. For the first 3 to 4 weeks, you have to take only 10 to 20 mg per day. For the rest of the cycle, you can take it up to 40 mg per day. Never exceed a Halotestin dosage of 50 mg per day, even if you are an expert bodybuilder.

Where to Buy This Steroid?

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Now you have gone through the essential guide related to Halotestin. If you want to have all those Halotestin benefits then hurry to order Halotestin from Ugfreak. Make sure to follow the cycle and never abuse it. You will only get side effects if you don’t follow the cycle.


What is Halotestin used for in bodybuilding?

Halotestin is an anabolic steroid and is famous among professional bodybuilders, athletes, and common individuals for its strength-boosting properties. When consumed under professional supervision they greatly add to the overall strength and energy of the users which helps them to perform intense workouts and sports. 

What is Halotestin steroid for?

Halotestin is a synthetic steroid that has powerful strength-boosting features. It helps bodybuilders boost their energy which is crucial to lifting heavy weights and performing intense workouts. 

What are the side effects of the Halotestin cycle?

Just like other synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring human hormones, Halotestin also carries some side effects that may include; 

  • Liver toxicity 

  • Cardiovascular issues 

  • Mood swings 

  • Aggression 

However, buying the best quality Halotestin from UGFreak, a reliable steroid store, and using it under professional supervision can eliminate these risk factors.  

Does Halotestin lower Estrogen?

No, Halotestin does not directly lower the Estrogen level. The reason is that it is not involved in aromatization activity. 

Why do bodybuilders use Halotestin?

Bodybuilders add Halotestin to their steroid cycle mainly for two reasons. 

  • To enhance their strength to perform heavy exercise and intense sports. 

  • To boost muscle gain and improve athletic performance. 

Is Halotestin stronger than Tren?

When it comes to the comparison of Halotestin and Tren's strengths, both are quite potent and unmatchable. The reason is that both steroids have unique properties and are used for different purposes. 

Halotestin is used for boosting the overall strength and energy of the body while Trenbolone is a must-have ingredient for bulking and cutting steroid cycles. Therefore, both are stronger anabolic steroids in their particular fields. 

How does Halotestin make you feel?

It varies from individual to individual depending on their body weight, bodybuilding needs, and ability to tolerate steroid effects. However, most Halotestin users commonly feel  a sudden change in mood swings and increasing aggression

Does Halotestin increase appetite?

It depends on the user's ability to tolerate steroids' effect on metabolic reactions and natural hormonal balance. In some users, it can result in increasing appetite while some users may not feel any considerable change in appetite after consuming this potent steroid.