Unknown tip for huge quads
22 May

Unknown tip for huge quads

Leg press machines come in all shapes and sizes, requiring you to adopt different body positions and foot placements. No two feel the same, which is half the reason why you end up screwing around with your foot placement for 10 minutes before the start of every set.

The best foot placement for quad development is the one that’ll allow your knees to travel through the greatest active range of motion. This tends to be lower down on the foot plate instead of a higher and wider stance that emphasizes more glutes and hamstrings.

The problem with having your feet low on the plate? It often limits how deep you can go – some machines will allow you to go deeper than others, but you’ll always be limited by your anatomy.


So try the Petersen variation. It allows your knees to travel through their greatest active range of motion.

Having your heels up permanently allows your knees to continue traveling over your toes, beyond when your hips “run out” of space. The Petersen leg press allows you to place load and tension through your quadriceps, no matter the style of machine you’re using.

Very important: Just check your ego at the door because you won’t need a lot of weight!

Here is what we're talking about:


Remember: never lock your knees!