Trensomnia. Why and how to fix it?


If you ever ran Tren at a decent dose, you've likely experienced some degree of insomnia/poor sleep after some weeks of continuous use.

Tren is a godsend if you're looking for that Greek God look, but chronic lack of sleep really sucks.

So why does no other AAS even at absurdly high doses cause this same effect (well at least not even close)?

This has basically always been a mystery... Till now.

A new study explains what actually goes on: Trenbolone has a peculiar and strong feature: it upregulates the hypocretin/orexin (Hcrt) signaling ( a neuropeptide that regulates arousal and wakefulness) in some apposite neurons in human brain, located predominantly in the perifornical area and lateral hypothalamus. They project widely throughout the central nervous system, regulating wakefulness, feeding, and other behaviors. It's cool... Not so much when you're supposed to sleep tho.

Now finally the good news: good old inexpensive Melatonin restores the insomnia-like alternation induced by 17β-trenbolone exposure and alleviates Tren's influence on altered motoneuron related genes and recovers the circadian rhythm.

Tomorrow, rather than gulping down one more harsh sleep med that makes you a zombie in the morning, try a healthy 10mg tab (preferably sublingual, some are also  very nicely flavored) of Melatonin 

Worst case scenario, you're still incorporating in your daily routine a safe compound with a plethora of amazing benefits for your overall health!