STEEL ERECTIONS... Or just iron?
22 May

STEEL ERECTIONS... Or just iron?

A growing number of people complain about lack of sex drive and poor erection quality.
Among AAS users, this mostly comes from people running 19nor's and/or those with overly high serum estrogen levels.

Before you start popping pramipexole/cabergoline/AI's like there's no tomorrow (mind you, they're still mandatory in some instances ) check your iron/ferritin status by a simple unexpensive blood test.

Iron deficiency(indipendentedly from Hemoglobin/red blood cells level) is directly associated with impaired Dopamine function and increased Prolactin release.

For those considering vitamin B6 (not a fan personally) for PRL control, careful with dosing:

Pyridoxine has both dopamine-enhancing and dopamine-blocking properties: on the one hand pyridoxine (like dopamine) depresses the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland; on the other hand, in oral doses of 10–20 mg it rapidly reverses the therapeutic effect of dopamine.

Keep also in mind that A LOT of people have small gastric ulcers with limited but steady blood leakage without knowing as they're 100% asymptomatic.