Growth Hormone: sick and tired of daily jabs?


No individual in his right mind should be indifferent to the plethora of formidabile benefits coming from HGH supplementation. Remarkable fat loss, lean Mass gain, extremely accelerated recovery from heavy workouts, glowing skin without wrinkles, lustrous thicker hair, Deep restful sleep, FAST injuries healing and the list can go on forever.

Nowadays, supplementation with top quality generic HGH (like Para Pharma Paratropin) is much more affordable and It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to reap all its benefits.

Yet, some people just can't stand daily shots or simply have no time/patience/dedication for such a commitment.

Well, there're good news for them, no reason to give up! Take a minute to read the study below:

Growth Hormone Therapy in GH-deficient Adults: Continuous vs Alternate-Days Treatment

In the present report, we have compared 12 months of rhGH therapy given daily (D) at the beginning and then on alternate days (A) to 20 subjects with severe adult-onset GH deficiency (GHD). Aim of the study was to establish whether the lower frequency injection regimen is as effective as the daily dose. Measurements included: IGF-I levels, body composition (BF%), lipid profile, insulin sensitivity by homeostasis model assessment (HOMA-IR) and quantitative insulin check index (QUICKI), as well as thyroid function. Evaluation on A therapy was performed both 12 and 36 hours after the last rhGH injection. The final rhGH dose was 0.3 +/- 0.1mg/day. During A, the dose used in D was doubled and given on alternate days. Recombinant hGH given during the A period induced changes in IGF-I levels, BF% and lipid profile comparable to daily treatment. HOMA-IR increased similarly after both regimens, though QUICKI did not significantly change. A significant reduction in serum FT4 levels occurred after both D and A therapy, so that an adjustment of L-T4 replacement dose in 5 of 20 patients was necessary. No differences were found in the various parameters after 12 and 36 hours post rhGH injection. In conclusion, rhGH therapy given on alternate days is clinically effective and may result in improved patient compliance.

Cliff notes: you can just double your everyday HGH dose and inject it every other day, same IGF-1 level, same body composition improvements...exact same results with half the shots!

Don't care too much about keeping the HGH Blood level always stable, the IGF-1 conversion is what actually matters when It comes to the desired effects and luckily this is comparabile with ED or EOD administration, not to mention how its job at the receptor lasts much longer than the blood peak. 

Tip to avoid the initial excessive water retention (in case this is a concern to you) when switching to the EOD protocol: titrate the dose slowly. If you're currently using 3iu/day, don't start straight with 6iu every other day. Start from 4iu and add half a unit a time until you reach the full 6iu dose.

Be smart, save time, get all you're looking for with half the effort. More spare time to enjoy your superhero enhanced body ��