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Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250

Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250

Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250

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Manufacturer : Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Raw Material : Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg/ml
Product Pack : 1 vial (10 ml/vial)

Testosterone Cypionate is the actual hormone or steroid that is manufactured by Valkyries Pharma and sold under the product name, Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250. Test-Cyp is the shorter name that is mostly used for the Testosterone Cypionate. This steroid is one of the oldest and most renowned steroids in the market. It can help anyone to achieve desired physical goals. It is available in a packing of 10ml vial, and each vial contains 250 mg of the actual hormones. And the price of this vial is about 58 dollars, other than delivery charges.


As it is a renowned steroid in the market, it will definitely have some great advantages. Following are the benefits of using Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250:

  • The half-life of this steroid is relatively short, which means that it remains in the body for a shorter duration. This property makes it a nice choice for the newbies as they don’t have enough tolerance capacity to bear strong steroids for a long period.

  • As soon as you inject it, you can feel a rise in your energy level. You will have enough stamina to do workouts on a regular basis without feeling too tired.

  • It also has the ability to increase body strength.

  • It also protects the current packs of muscles when you use it during the cutting phase. By using it you can lose even the remaining few percentages of fat without damaging or losing your muscles.

  • The most important function is performed during the bulking phase. It can continuously add lean tissues to the muscle groups. Along with generating new muscles it also protects the existing muscles.


Its dosage is different from many other steroids. At the start, you should choose a cycle of 10 weeks. You should inject a 10 ml vial of Valkyrie TEST-CYPIO 250 once a week. But advanced users can choose a cycle of about 16 weeks. And they take 3 or even 4 vials of the same quantity per week. Make sure that you are not abusing steroids.

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