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Manufacturer : Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Raw Material : Drostanolone Enanthate 200 mg/ml
Product Pack : 1 vial (10 ml/vial)

Drostanolone Enanthate is the actual steroid that is sold by Valkyrie Pharma under the product name Valkyrie MAST-ENAN 200. This steroid is one of the best products of Valkyrie Pharma. Minimum side effects and development of well-defined muscles are its specific characteristics. It was first formed to fight cancer cells, which are irreversible variants.

By the passage of time, people know about its specific characteristics of adding muscles and cutting fats along with physical strength, and it becomes a popular anabolic steroid. It can be ordered from the official website of Valkyrie Pharma or a legit online store like UGFreak.


In order to get complete knowledge about the popularity of Valkyrie MAST-ENAN 200, you should be aware of its benefits. Following are the main benefits of using this steroid.

  • It is used against cancer cells or variants due to its antiestrogen abilities.

  • Most of the bulking steroids that are used by bodybuilders cause water retention between their muscles. This water retention makes them look bulkier, but their muscles are not well defined and well appeared. So, bodybuilders use this steroid to reduce this water retention because it is antiestrogen by nature. It dries the muscles and makes them well-defined. The muscle dryness level achieved by this steroid is incomparable.

  • It is also used during the cutting phase, but only at the end. You should never use it if your body fat percentage is 12 percent or more. This will give optimistic results only when fat is 8 percent or less. It is basically used at the end of the cutting phase to optimize the view of muscles.

  • Athletes who are looking to take part in competitions can use it, as it can enhance body performance without altering their physical appearance.


It is mostly used at the end of the cutting or bulking phase. A 10ml vial contains 200 mg of Drostanolone Enanthate. In the beginning, only a single vial is enough for a week. Intermediates and expert athletes or builders can use 2 to 3 vials per week. Its cycle depends upon the cycle of steroids with which it is stacked.

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