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Valkyrie Deca 300

Valkyrie Deca 300

Valkyrie Deca 300

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Manufacturer : Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Raw Material : Nandrolone Decanoate 300 mg/ml
Product Pack : 1 vial (10 ml/vial)

Nandrolone Decanoate is the actual substance that is solved under the product name of Valkyrie Deca 300, and the famous steroid brand name Valkyrie. At first, it was used to cure diseases like anemia. But it gained popularity due to its use in bodybuilding. It is one of those anabolic steroids which have very few bad impacts. It is available in injectable form only and you can buy it from any trusted online store.

At UGFreak, it is available in a pack of 10 ml, and its price is about 60 to 70 dollars.


Many bodybuilders and athletes use this steroid for building and strengthening their bodies. Following are the main benefits of using this steroid.

  • It is a popular muscle gaining steroid that is used by bodybuilders to bulk themselves. It is capable of adding big muscles to satisfy the users. It is specialized for the growth of skeletal muscles and the development of lean body mass.

  • It is not popular in reducing fats, but it can be used to protect the lean muscles while you are taking a low-calorie diet. It also prevents the formation of fat molecules despite stimulating the appetite.

  • It is also used in the treatment of diseases like anemia, as it has the ability to speed up the production of red blood cells in the human body.

  • It also protects your joints while you are in a bulking phase. As you have to lift heavy weights during the bulking phase, more protection was provided to the joints by adding flexibility and recovery.

  • Due to its joint protecting and strengthening abilities, it is also used in curing joint diseases.

  • It adds to the actual strength and enhances the physical performance.


A 10 ml vial of Deca 300 contains 300 mg of Nandrolone Decanoate. One vial should be used in a week by beginners in three injections. The cycle is from 8 to 12 weeks and the amount of Deca 300 is one vial for beginners. Intermediates and experts can take 2 vials per week. Make sure that you never inject the whole vial at a time. It must be injected in 3 days. 

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