Semaglutide 5mg Dragon Pharma INTL

Semaglutide 5mg Dragon Pharma INTL

Dragon Pharma International

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  • Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma International
  • Raw Material : Semaglutide
  • Product Pack : 1 vial (5 mg)


Semaglutide is one of the emerging names in the fitness world, especially for those striving to shred off their excessive body fat or struggling with body weight maintenance. It is formulated by an international pharmaceutical company named Dragon Pharma to improve glycemic control, weight management, and fat loss. 

It belongs to a class of drugs called GLP 1 and was first synthesized in the injectable form to treat type 2 Diabetes under the brand name Ozempic. Its ability to manage blood sugar levels, control body weight, and reduce belly fat makes it an attractive option for bodybuilders and athletes. 

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  • It is massively popular not only among bodybuilders and athletes but also common individuals who are looking for effective weight loss solutions. It suppresses appetite and increases the sense of fullness which results in rapid burning of excessive fat by increasing metabolic reaction and energy expenditure. 

  • It is also known for its significant role in maintaining blood sugar levels. Improved blood sugar level regulation results in more stable energy levels which automatically boost overall body performance and recovery process. 

  • As we already mentioned it maintains blood sugar levels and body weight which results in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, contributing to the overall health and well-being of users. 

  • Then used under medical supervision, semaglutide also contributes to enhancing endurance, allowing users to perform extensive exercises and sports without experiencing muscle fatigue. 


Its dosage mainly depends on the purpose of usage, bodybuilders' weight, and tolerance to drugs. It's commonly recommended dosage for weight loss can go up to 2.5 mg per week which can be increased gradually. However, make sure to use this effective drug under medical supervision to avoid harmful side effects.  

Its cycle usually lasts 8 to 12 weeks. Professional advice is to start with a low dosage.


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