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Mast E 200 Maha Pharma

Mast E 200 Maha Pharma

Mast E 200 Maha Pharma

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Manufacturer : Maha Pharma
Raw Material : Drostanolone Enanthate
Product Pack : 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)

Mast E 200 by Maha Pharma is actually the brand name for Drostanolone Enanthate. The product is available at a 10ml vial, which contains 200mg of the steroid per ml.


Masteron or Mast E 200 is a strong anabolic substance. This is a cosmetic drug or synthetic substance as it has strong DHT properties, because the substance actually is derived from Dihydrotestosterone. It is popular for providing attractive physique to the users. Its anabolic-androgenic ratio is 62:25 and therefore, it can be considered as a mild testosterone in comparison to testosterone.


It was first manufactured and marketed by Syntex in 1970. It is a derivative of Anadrol. It is sometimes used to treat the cancer patients.


The dosage of the steroid can be varied from the common users to the bodybuilders. They may be sectioned in this way –

·         - 50 to 150mg/ml to the commoners

·         - 100 mg/ml to moderate bodybuilders or the beginners

·         - 300 to 600 mg/ml to the heavy bodybuilders

The dosages should be injected in every 2 to 3 days. It is suggested that the patients and the female bodybuilders inject the steroid as 100mgs in 4 to 5 days.


It can boost up the muscles. It may be stacked with many other steroids like Winstrol, but users may solely use Mast E 200 to boost the body. It does not aromatize and convert testosterone into estrogen. This is a crucial matter to decide.

Mast E 200 by Maha Pharma is a strong anabolic steroid and it can boost up the muscles during the catabolic cycles. As the substance is lesser anabolic in comparison to Testosterone, it should be injected more frequently to boost up muscle prowess in a proper way.


·         - It can help the body keep on working for longer periods

·         - It can make the body active and more muscular

·         - It can perfectly boost the muscles by binding SHBG

·         - Protein synthesis can boost up the body


·         - Binding SHBG may affect natural production of testosterone

·         - Overuse may initiate steroid addiction

·         - Using the substance for longer periods may initiate androgenic activities and aromatization in rare cases

Half life

Mast E 200 has the half life spanning about 10.5 days. It can be detected for 3 weeks if consumed with a longer ester version for 3 months prior to the dope testing.

It is suggested to buy Mast E 200 by Maha Pharma to receive a significant decrease of the body fat. The users will get rock hard muscles to with proper use of Mast E 200 and that is why the experts suggest buying the substance online at a decent price from verified online platforms.

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