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Femara 2.5 Maha Pharma

Femara 2.5 Maha Pharma

Femara 2.5 Maha Pharma

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Manufacturer : Maha Pharma
Raw Material : Letrozol
Product Pack : 30 Tabs (2,5mg/tab)

Not all the medications are used for bodybuilding. There are some substances, which can take the bodybuilding efforts to a different level. Femara 2.5 by Maha Pharma is such a product. There are 30 tablets of 2.5mg in each vial.

Generic name

The generic name of the item is Letrozole. This medication is actually used to treat breast cancer. However, in the bodybuilding field, it is not considered as a medication but a PCT substance that can calm down the androgenic effects on the body. The hardness of the body may get softened with this substance. However, this does not let the body produce more estrogen at times. That is why it can be considered as an ideal PCT.

Why Buy It

The substance Letrozole can increase the level of suppressed testosterone by suppressing the effects of SHBG in the anabolic substances. It can perfectly boost up anabolic effects and restore testosterone production but blocks the aromatase enzymes. That is why it would be better to use Femara 2.5 Maha Pharma at a decent price online.


It is better to take Femara 2.5 once daily. People with gynecomastia may consume the substance more than once to get the best results. The substance suppresses all the estrogenic activities and testosterone conversion in the body. The dosage should be consumed by the mouth only.

·        -  Bioavailability – 99.9%

·         - Capacity of binding protein – 60%

·         - Half life – 2 days

·         - Excretion – Kidneys

Side effects

This substance can come out with the side effects of bone brittleness, blood clots, heart issues and some common allergic reactions, which are rare.

It is better to stay in touch with the experts in regard to use Femara 2.5 online, as the experts can guide the users in a better way and let them know when and how to use the PCT substance to get rid of the problems.

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