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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Bulk
Raw Material : Clomiphene Citrate
Product Pack : 10x50 tabs, 50mg/tab

Manufactured by Para Pharma, Clomid is also known as Clomiphene Citrate. Available in bulk, 50mg/tab 10x50 tablets packaging, Clomid was initially used for clinical purposes such as for treating infertility in females who failed to ovulate and for treating poly cystic ovary syndrome. This drug was known to induce ovulation in infertile females who wanted to get pregnant. This drug behaves similar to estrogen despite being an ovulatory stimulant. However, estrogen here is known to be responsible for the production of eggs in the ovaries and assist the egg in releasing itself for fertilization. That’s why this drug has been popular amongst infertile females, who wished to get pregnant. Nevertheless, this drug became an important part of a post cycle therapy for athletes and bodybuilders who faced side effects from anabolic steroids such as gynecomastia, hypergonadism and etc. Clomid helps in balancing the natural levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body thus, eliminating the risk of anabolic side effects.


Clomid, as a post cycle therapy drug, has the following benefits:

  • Quick Recovery

  • Blocking Estrogen Production

  • Balances Cholesterol Levels

  • Increases Testosterone Production


This PCT drug, when combined with aromatase inhibitors, gives strong results that lasts longer. The recommended dosage is 100mg daily for the first week and then gradually decreasing it to 50mg daily on the second week. Similarly, further decrease the dosage for the third and fourth week to 25mg daily. However, you must always consult an expert or a health care professional to guide you regarding proper administration of PCT drugs. 

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