Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee (Cabergoline) EXPIRED 11/2021

Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee (Cabergoline) EXPIRED 11/2021

Pharmacy Gears


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  • Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears
  • Raw Material : Caberlee
  • Product Pack : 8 tabs, 0.5mg/tab


Manufactured by Pharmacy Gears, Caberlee is used to restore the natural level of hormones in the body and helps the body in restarting the natural production of hormones. That is why Caberlee is used as a Post cycle therapy drug. We offer, 8 tabs, 0.5mg/tab packaging with delivery services to your doorstep. This drug was initially used to treat patients suffering from hyperprolactinaemia. Now, this drug is used by bodybuilders to stimulate the production of testosterone after running a steroid cycle. It is known as a powerful post cycle therapy drug. Post cycle therapy is absolutely necessary after a cycle of anabolic steroids. If the post cycle therapy is neglected, the chances are that the athlete will start experiencing side effects of anabolic steroids. It is necessary for the body to restore the natural levels of hormones in order to avoid the risk of compromising their health. That is why athletes must invest in PCT drugs like Caberlee. This PCT drug is also known for its unique ability to encourage significant fat burn.



Following are the benefits of using caberlee as a post cycle therapy drug:


·         Actively burns fat

·         Promotes testosterone production

·         Effective for two or more days after the end of administration

·         Greater bioactivity than other drugs

·         Increase in Libido



The recommended dosage for caberlee is 0.5mg per week for all types of users. The dosage can be gradually increased after 4 weeks to a maximum total of 1mg per week depending on the user’s serum prolactin levels. It is important to consult with your coach or an experienced professional who can help you guide through your steroid cycles as well as your post cycle therapy. They can also help you create an ideal dosage as per your unique case.


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