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Accutane Para Pharma BULK

Accutane Para Pharma BULK

Accutane Para Pharma BULK

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Bulk
Raw Material : Isotretinoin
Product Pack : 10 x 100 tabs, 20mg/tab

Accutane is known as the drug that can cure acne by magic. Many people, especially female rely on it for treating cystic acne and other skin conditions. It has also been effective against several skin diseases and types of skin cancer.


Are you wondering how this compound enters into the bodybuilding world? Because of its ability to fight acne. When you are on your steroid cycle, you have to deal with estrogenic side effects such as water retention, high blood pressure, gyn and most of all acne. While Accutane may not help treat other side effects, it can very efficiently cure acne. It reduces the production of oil and hence, your skin does not break out.

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Accutane is also known for increasing the levels of testosterone in the human body. This is a great added advantage for bodybuilders. As the levels rise, your muscles will start developing at a faster rate. Your performance at the gym will improve and you would be able to bulk up faster.


Keep the dosage for Accutane between 10 to 20 mg. DO not exceed the dosage without consulting your doctor because one of the side effects of this steroid is depression. 

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